“there is only one cure for gray hair. it was invented by a frenchman. it is called the guillotine.” // p. wodehouse

confession :

i haven’t had my hair tended to since sometime in april.

though some leave their nails by the side of the road when things go a bit pear-shaped, for me – it’ll be my hair that has to fend for itself, becoming a sad and empty shell of its former, large and poufy self. considering too, the abuse i put it through – the sprays, the heat, the pulling and breaking – it’s rather a surprise that i have any mop to lament at all.

what’s more? though the appointment to have the twice yearly cut and colour was made, i couldn’t make it – and had to cancel at the last minute. i shrugged the cut off, but the frame of grey that becomes impossible to ignore after roughly 82 days – was covered up one tuesday evening by the aide of blur on shuffle, a ripped up tee, and a box of clairol’s natural instincts #20.

to be honest – i can’t tell the difference between that 30 minute dye-job over the salon job – but i can no longer ignore that my hair is now paying the price for my blatant disregard, and when things begin to even themselves out, i’m really going to have to make amends.



christopherobin davinesnounou



➝ source : ghost oil via verb

➝ source : regenerating mask via christophe robin

➝ source : nounou conditioner via davines

➝ source : rene furterer karité intense nourishing oil via co. bigelow


“don’t call the world dirty because you forgot to clean your glasses.” // a. hill

if i kept mum over halloween, it’s only because i’m not particularly keen on that particular yearly ritual. if you’re under 12, or a dog – by all means, i’ll assist in carrying your pillowcase of sugar back to your house, but in adults – it gives me a case of the weirds. we spend so long trying to figure out who we are, by the time i got around to it, i no longer felt comfortable pretending to be someone else. (yes, i can make the lightest of topics heavy.)

and it’s true we wear a mask everyday, each and every one of us. but i suppose the difference there is, those dominoes already go with the costumes we’ve chosen for ourselves. the ones we feel most comfortable in, the ones that never feel like a disguise, but just a cover to keep us warm, to keep us safe, to keep us feeling like ourselves. now, i’m finding some comfort in not only wearing a pair of frames when it’s sunny out, but when the days begs for a bit more obscurity – and for when my contacts are bothering the hell out of me.


cutlerandgrosswatermelon sundaysomewherebrigitte




➝ source : XVI frames via valley eyewear

➝ source : 1207 manhattan frames in watermelon via cutler & gross

➝ source : brigitte frames via sunday somewhere

➝ source : round frames via tom ford

“between two evils, i always pick the one i never tried before.” // m. west

something is afoot.

it lies in wait and creeps quietly in the soundest of hours. it is more evil still – as i do not notice until after i’m midway through the folderol of my morning’s ablutions. as i can’t see a thing until my contacts are in, the torment that’s been patiently awaiting my response is noticed only when i feel the coast has become clear – i am awake, i am bathed, i am in the midst of the meditation on a new day – and lo, that rat bastard, the one that manages to make my skin akin to a patch-work quilt of scaly, blotchiness in one area, a buttery slip ‘n slide in another.


in the evenings i am safe in the knowledge that i’ve done all that i can to combat the plague of time and rightly flip the bird to all that my biology has a vice-like grip upon; and yet – i am roused by fear.

so, what are we to do?

the only thing we can do – persevere in the face of this ever-present, and persistent adversity.




➝ source : mega-mushroom skin relief via dr. weil for origins

➝ source : herbivore botanicals pink clay moisture mask via bibelot & token

➝ source : renew overnight oily moisturizer via skinceuticals

➝ source : signs eye mask via SK-II

“the worst crime is faking it.” // k. cobain

though grey days outnumber sunny at a ratio of roughly 3:1, the need for sunglasses has become absolutely paramount.

what else but to cover up a multitude of sins, eyeliner gone astray, wind making mascara run, raccoon eyes – an inevitability in autumn. loss of sleep and a duffle bag under each eye notwithstanding – sunnies are exactly that – a sunny mask in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colours – that either hide whatever it is you’re trying to conceal, or can be used as camouflage in the form of acetate – which make smiling with your eyes not nearly as integral or telling, as a simple and occasional pearly grin.




➝ source : boca half/half via illesteva

➝ source : flora acetate & metal mirrored sunglasses via gucci

➝ source : type 02 sunglasses in midnight blue via sun buddies

➝ source : neo noir sunglasses via le specs

“the tired sunsets and the tired people – it takes a lifetime to die and no time at all.” // c. bukowski

there’s absolutely no way i’m going to be able to catch up at this point, after a decade or two at being a certified grown-up – i’ve given up on sleep and instead, have resigned myself to weathering through this life in a perpetual state of low-grade sleepiness.

my sluggishness is due, in part, to the fact that apparently there are not enough hours in the day (hello, mum-speak!), and – because there aren’t enough hours in the day – i’m never done doing the things i’ve got to get done. so instead of finding the time to get a few more winks in, those have been replaced by whatever it is that’ll make me look awake as opposed to, you know, feeling it.



rougebunnyrouge strivectin

➝ source : brilliance illuminating face polish via doll face

➝ source : living luminizer via rms beauty

➝ source : eyes wide open brightening liner duo via rouge bunny rouge

➝ source : instant revitalizing mask via strivectin

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