“don’t leave a piece of jewelry at his house so you can go back and get it later; he may be with his real girlfriend.” // a. sedaris

all things considered –  you’d think i’d be a little less interested in a shiny bit of tat and a bit more attentive to those more heady, substantial bits of glimmer; ones you can try and sink your teeth into, or check their authenticity by attempting to get them to cut glass. but, as you’ve gleaned, i’m an equal opportunist when it comes to bits and baubles.

i know the difference between a bit of fun, and an heirloom of possibility; one that spent years lying underneath the earth’s mantle – but sometimes, you just don’t want that weight pressing down on you and instead opt for some gorgeous fling that’ll fall off after the fun’s all done.

bingbang entropy lindsaylewis


➝ source : square tiny pearl rings via bing bang

➝ source : zephyr wrap bracelet via entropy

➝ source : dia moonstone ring via lindsay lewis

➝ source : ella via one we made earlier


October 22, 2015

“if the literal sense makes good sense, seek no other sense lest you come up with nonsense.” // old adage

the rope that’s tied to what’s left of my patience has, as of late, been worn down to a thread.

i’ve got very little time for beating around the bush or talking a lot and having very little to say. i’m not even interested in working things out in the abstract. if your game is to be oblique, i’m going to sit out playing this round because all i want is the obvious.

if you hadn’t noticed i’m opting out of being tried – because i’m all full-up with thoughts, questions gone unanswered, and directions i’m not rather sure of. oh yeah – i’ve been just a gas.

so, don’t ask me to unwind any more riddles as i’m bound to either snap or get tangled all up in it. instead, i’d rather you knock me over with your point, be as literal as possible – and perhaps just this once, i’ll quit being so verbose and get to the point – and i’ll be as clear as day.





➝ source : booty ring via nora kogan

➝ source : elena votsi eros 18 karat two-finger ruby arrow ring via net a porter

➝ source : ps enamel pins via proenza schouler

➝ source : lips piercing ring via delfina delettrez


October 20, 2015

“the sharp thorn often produces delicate roses.” // ovid

i make good use of my hands.

i’m not delicate, precious or careful with them – they do the brunt of the heavy work from day to day, and for that i don’t begrudge the sturdy grasp they afford me.

they hold little-girl hands, open jars, type more words a day than spoken, cook dinners, get burned, scraped – cuticles peel and knuckles occasionally split once the weather cools. it’s all good – they do hard work and i repay them in the occasional pale blue manicure, (it’s usually onyx or midnight blue), and before bed i haphazardly apply some moisturizer and hope they’ll not show more wear in the morning. they’re boyish, fleshy and small – and i don’t mind a bit.

if i had a whisper of a lament – it’s only because the sweetest of rings, those that are most delicate – the smallest of bands and shiny bits of coloured glass; they’re just not for me, no matter how lovely they are…

satomikawakita scosha stvdiobrooklyn wwake

➝ source : diamond bridge ring via satomi kawakita

➝ source : bolt ring with diamonds via scosha

➝ source : fancy anni ring via stvdio brooklyn

➝ source : three-step ring via wwake

“elegance is innate. it has nothing to do with being well dressed. elegance is refusal.” // d. vreeland

whenever i’m invited to a fête, a do, a shindig or even a happening – i am struck by two things: a bit of giddiness to still be invited to anything where people expect to have a good time, and then – a palpable fear about what i’m going to wear.

though i’m rather staunch in my feelings on one’s appearance – and the do-what-you-want-ness of it all; i tend to get a bit wobbly in my steadfast notions that one can have their own version of what is acceptable, suitable and appropriate. i would like to look like some approximation of one, or all three of those adjectives – but then because i won’t get height with a heel, i shy away from colour – and am rather decked out only in that i take my occasional jewels out as opposed to my everyday tat and line both upper AND lower lash lines – i question whether my views are skewed.

and then i get to where i’m going and realize – everyone’s had the same thought – the only difference being is that their versions of what’s what is lined up to who they are – and we’re all just hanging for dear life to that do-what-you-want-ness of it all.


bibelot token x aweebit x louise kragh x petrol 2pearl ring




➝ source : 24/7 waterline eye pencil via urban decay

➝ source : louise kragh double pearl ring via bibelot & token

➝ source : alex perry flared textured dress via farfetch

➝ source : elyse shoes via stella mccartney


September 25, 2015

“honor’s a good brooch to wear in a man’s hat at all times.” // b. jonson

i never worried about the slight pinholes that were made in the lapels of coats and upper lefts and rights of my knits and shirts. the dozens of brooches, clips, and enamel pins that i’ve collected over the last [ed: number of years omitted] years or so, have only served as small, shiny reminders of certain places, like the tiny antique glass brooch purchased on some small side-street in london when i was 19 – where my friend and i bartered bread rolls for harsh ukranian cigarettes from fellow hostel mates. the resin and wood set in a bright and glossy turquoise – a tiny dream come true (and too expensive by far), bought in the very first marni store i ever visited – in milan, on my honeymoon. then late last year, there was my very deep amusement in the $3 very well-spent on the ‘no new friends’ pin purchased gleefully from stay home club, which all my friends rolled their eyes at.

to be sure – my bracelets are worn with higher frequency and repetition, and i adore them, i do – but it’s not with them that i feel any part of my history – but those little stick-pins, and the marks they leave, i see them and i’m reminded of the hows and whens of the wheres and whys – they’re small little trinkets, but they keep a rather large space in my heart.





➝ source : torun for georg jensen via 1stdibs

➝ source : feelings enamel pin via adam jk

➝ source : runway hat pin via marni

➝ source : love brooch via saint laurent

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