“i have a very poor record at multiple choice questions.” // j. irving

much like the theory of multiple intelligences* i believe there is value, beyond the monetary, in accumulating those basic necessities in multiples – or even occasionally, in bulk.

who buys one pair of socks at a go, or one measly pair of boy-shorts when we all know they’re either all down to their last vestiges of elastic waist or in pristine condition – there is no middle ground. and if you’re in the market for the perfectly plain white tee, you know it’s rather unwise to buy just one, as you’ll probably be tempting fate – and your favourite brand will then discontinue your most perfect fit, and then what will you have? one ripped at the seams tee, with a red-wine stain that looks eerily similar to gorby’s birthmark.

me? i go in for multiples of – (please, spare me the soapbox – i know it’s all sorts of gross), american apparel interlock pencil skirts, bensimon plimsolls in carbon, though they’ve become exceptionally difficult to source in north america, and well, i don’t mean to buy them in costco amounts, but it always seems to be that when one new nude lip colour comes out, eight more follow suit.

then, there are those larger ticket items, that if i had my druthers, i’m bound to be decked out in them – wrists from up to down, layers of chains around my neck, and then a baker’s dozen of handbags to keep them all safe and sound.

ginette louisekragh

mansurgavriel marni




*read: absolutely nothing like it AT ALL.

➝ source : ceramic with gold tv bangle via ginette

➝ source : string pearl bracelet via louise kragh [coming soon to bibelot & token!]

➝ source : crossbody bag via mansur gavriel

➝ source : boite clutch via marni

➝ source : lost coin necklace via scosha

➝ source : ann demeulemeester glass lens pendant via farfetch


“disobedience is the true foundation of liberty.” // h.d. thoreau

i do not have an issue with authority. i promise, even after you read this, i can assure you that i am a law-abiding, rule-obeying, fine citizen and good samaritan.

however, i do tend to flinch when i’m given input, sans solicitation, on what i should do.

to me, being told what to do without some provocation, is the equivalent of being told that i what i do, is plumb wrong. and i know that that’s a rather large leap to make for a girl who wears such clunky shoes, but bear with me, i’ve always lived with a pinch of hyperbole attached to my idiosyncrasies.

to that end, on this very day, this post-labour-day-let-down – i say, when it comes to putting one leg (and then the other), into a a pair of pants – let them be whatever colour you so desire. let them be pristine white, ivory, bone or alabaster. may they be day-glo, turquoise, liberty print, or as dull as mud. i may not heed my own advice on the wearing of white, but trust that i’ll have no issue donning black and blue or others throwing on pink and red. when it comes to wearing what you want, don’t listen to any rules – you do whatever you please. you won’t get any grief, i promise.






➝ source : kent shoulder bag via proenza schouler

➝ source : cherokee coat via humanoid

➝ source : drop earrings (circa 2012) via dries van noten

➝ source : msgm star t-shirt dress via farfetch

“the obvious is that which is never seen until someone expresses it simply.” // k. gibran

it would be easy to assume that because i’m prone to circling the roundabout of verbosity; sometimes taking the long way to get to a point – that my tastes otherwise would lean rather far on the oblique end as well.

yet, where i’m prone to being garrulous – i like to turn the volume way down on the visibly overelaborated – and surround myself with things that are overt, clear and easily discernible. i don’t like to leave anything to doubt – mostly because if you can’t make sense of anything i’m saying, (which happens, often), everything else about me will head directly to the point – leaving no room for doubt.





➝ source : a-z rose gold pendants via monica vinader

➝ source : resin flower brooch via marni

➝ source : shooting arrow ear jacket via pamela love

➝ source : ileana makri enamel safety pin bracelet via farfetch

“there are charms made only for distant admiration.” // s. johnson

my collection of trinkets, my baubles and bracelets, the stacks of bangles, the strands of chains, the pendants and lockets; they don’t add up to very much. though the affection i feel toward my vast collection of tat is inestimable, it’s worth, in weight of gold – is negligible.

though i have amassed a few dots of diamonds, a bit of blue in a sapphire and more than anything, a coterie of green gems – a tourmaline or two, and a small clique of emeralds – (the predictable delight of being born in may), i cannot boast that i’m staring at a sky of sparklers when i’m rifling through my jewelry box.

this is not meant as a whinge or a passive-aggressive hint – it’s only happened that in the last few years that i’ve come to appreciate the significance of these little crumbs of stars falling onto fingers, collarbones and wrists – and i’m just slowly coming around to finding out what it is that i like.

until i do, i’ll admire from a distance – but be sure, i feel like i’m zeroing in on those little somethings that are meant to be mine.





oh, wait. i think i’ve cottoned on to a theme…

➝ source : palette pendant via CVC stones

➝ source : vega bleu diamond & sapphire ring via spinelli kilcollin

➝ source : yossi harari pavé round lace earrings via twist

➝ source : handcuff bangle with black diamonds via lynn ban

“someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” // w. buffett

it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that it’s only now, at the very tail-end of the season that i’ve taken notice of what seems to be one of this summer’s newest wrinkles.

and really, it’s only because that this latest heat-wave has reminded me that it’s probably one of the last in the stretch of these dog days of summer – and that i needed to find some small bit of a reprieve under the shade of one of our leafy trees at the park across the street. of course, i hail from the great white north – and though a palm frond would be easier and more at hand to locate than an igloo, i’d aver that opting to wear one is rather simpler – and then at least, i’d have the option of wearing one with a sweater in october, than swelter under the shade of one in august.





➝ source : frond choker via eddie borgo

➝ source : tanya taylor frankie dress via moda operandi

➝ source : dune jumper via rag & bone

➝ source : frond print dress via msgm

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