“there are charms made only for distant admiration.” // s. johnson

my collection of trinkets, my baubles and bracelets, the stacks of bangles, the strands of chains, the pendants and lockets; they don’t add up to very much. though the affection i feel toward my vast collection of tat is inestimable, it’s worth, in weight of gold – is negligible.

though i have amassed a few dots of diamonds, a bit of blue in a sapphire and more than anything, a coterie of green gems – a tourmaline or two, and a small clique of emeralds – (the predictable delight of being born in may), i cannot boast that i’m staring at a sky of sparklers when i’m rifling through my jewelry box.

this is not meant as a whinge or a passive-aggressive hint – it’s only happened that in the last few years that i’ve come to appreciate the significance of these little crumbs of stars falling onto fingers, collarbones and wrists – and i’m just slowly coming around to finding out what it is that i like.

until i do, i’ll admire from a distance – but be sure, i feel like i’m zeroing in on those little somethings that are meant to be mine.





oh, wait. i think i’ve cottoned on to a theme…

➝ source : palette pendant via CVC stones

➝ source : vega bleu diamond & sapphire ring via spinelli kilcollin

➝ source : yossi harari pavé round lace earrings via twist

➝ source : handcuff bangle with black diamonds via lynn ban

“…we will wander through the warm winds of summer’s wreckage. we will welcome summer’s ghost.” // h. rollins

it has begun.

you can see it in those who love it most. they’ve become a bit forlorn – a wee bit out of sorts; they cling to their dingiest of plimsolls, their most threadbare denim cut-offs; they ignore the morning’s slight chill and will say that they simply forgot to take a cardi with them when they meet you for a drink on your favourite patio later tonight.

it’s true that the number of days (i) spent lamenting the heat, have been fewer in number this summer than in comparison to others – but, it was a summer nonetheless and it’s final days are at the onset of their countdown.

the signs of summer’s demise are everywhere – they shout ‘back to school!’ they claim, ‘end-of-summer sale!’ they whisper to themselves, ‘the days are already getting shorter…’.

and i feel badly for them, i really do – for those who mourn the loss of the 93 days, 15 hours and 42 minutes of summer – the approaching end can be a bit thorny.

for me, though? there’s absolutely no way you’ll find me bitching about seeing august out and welcoming september back in. august is like those last few pages of a book you didn’t quite enjoy, but need to see it till the end; september is the page-turner.






➝ source : bubble popover via tibi

➝ source : avrum print skirt via marni

➝ source : isabel marant sleeveless heko jacket via moda operandi

➝ source : alison cropped jeans via r13

“if you want to have clean ideas, change them as often as your shirt.” // f. picabia

 i always wanted to be that girl, the one who rolled out of bed, late on a sunday morning, slipped on her S.O.’s jeans to run down to the corner shop to pick up coffee, bagels and the weekend newspaper; i’d read the style section, he’d read the sports. because that’s how life works, as far as re-watched rom-sit-coms on netflix have reminded me.

when life isn’t quite stage-perfect, it’s probably because my womanly hips don’t allow access to those boyfriend jeans and because well, how many preternaturally gorgeous size-twos with high-paying jobs that don’t expect employees to show up on the daily do you know of?

what i can do, as i’m nothing if not pragmatic, is wrap myself in an oversized button-down, (his or mine, doesn’t matter), and plonk myself on the couch, eating slice after slice of toast whilst watching arrested development – that’s more realistic anyway.





➝ source : sportmax curvone shirt via matches

➝ source : striped button-down (they aver that this is a maternity shirt – don’t even think about it) via topshop

➝ source : big dot shirt via mih jeans

➝ source : sheer blouse via sessùn

“you can’t blame gravity for falling in love.” // a. einstein

i don’t fall in love easily.

i do, however, crush hard and fast, but then the feelings fade as quickly and as stealthily as they crept in. it’s probably lucky for my husband that this has remained the case for the last almost-12 years; otherwise the work of love and marriage would be an ever harder toil; we like to keep it breezy over here.

when i do find myself dizzy with a little bit of lust, it’s rarely in response to a boy; i mean sure, i enjoy a ryan gosling just as much as the next gal (or guy), but when i swoon, it’s not really a blonde i go for. my type is strong, but silent – glints in the light, and only makes a scene when i drop it on the floor; understandably.

i admit, sometimes i need a diversion, and step out with handbags and sunglasses; but those are just flings, i’m serious about my tchotchke.



➝ source : galaxy pearl & rectangle ring via sabrina dehoff

➝ source : giada forte my jewel #2 via the dreslyn

➝ source : schumacher loop bracelet via lara bohinc

➝ source : three-step balloon ring via wwake

“of the seven deadly sins, lust is definitely the pick of the litter.” // t. robbins

if i’m heading toward sin, the usual suspects, much to my chagrin, fall into either column a : gluttony, or column b: sloth.

since these things usually do come in pairs, let’s try and keep it together and not roll our eyes too far back into our heads – it’s no surprise that these two are holding hands and making out like a couple of pimply teenagers; they’re not like chalk and cheese, they’re meant to be.

seeing as this is the case, when another mortal sin enters stage left, i’m more than willing to let it run its course. this does not mean i’m going to submit so easily, some work needs to be done before i give in; but you can’t deny – a little bit of lust does make the blood rush, the face flush, and reminds you that, OH! how wonderful it is to be alive…





➝ source : dutchess two-tone sunglasses via preen by thornton bregazzi

➝ source : short sleeve dress with appliqués via carven

➝ source : diamond flip ring via tilda biehn

➝ source : sacai open vamp platforms via lane crawford

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