“the tired sunsets and the tired people – it takes a lifetime to die and no time at all.” // c. bukowski

there’s absolutely no way i’m going to be able to catch up at this point, after a decade or two at being a certified grown-up – i’ve given up on sleep and instead, have resigned myself to weathering through this life in a perpetual state of low-grade sleepiness.

my sluggishness is due, in part, to the fact that apparently there are not enough hours in the day (hello, mum-speak!), and – because there aren’t enough hours in the day – i’m never done doing the things i’ve got to get done. so instead of finding the time to get a few more winks in, those have been replaced by whatever it is that’ll make me look awake as opposed to, you know, feeling it.



rougebunnyrouge strivectin

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“nothing happens until something moves.” // a. einstein

as of writing, it’s quarter to six on an early sunday evening, during which, has at most seen my teeth brushed, a cup of strong coffee imbibed, along with an oddly satisfying handful of sriracha coconut chips consumed; and at the very least, the clothes that i put on before bed last night, have also spent the entirety of the day on me.

i keep it classy.

these laziest days are both mostly wonderful and a smidge terrible.

i adore having a day that lies in front of us without obligation. no plans, no scheduled events, a calendar space completely devoid of entries. it’s slow and it’s familial – it’s music playing, movies watching, and dinners ordered in.

and then – at about this time, when the middle of the day arrives; when i’m overcome by an overwhelming need for sleep the moment my ass approaches a soft surface, is when a mild sense of guilt creeps in – the shoulda-woulda-couldas. and so i find myself some busywork to do – doing laundry, changing linen, and oh, is that a mirror i see before me? then the questions start.

why do i look so tired, so ashen, so dull? what has happened to my youth? what could i possibly put on my face to eradicate the sheer inertia of this day, this week, this life?






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August 25, 2015

 “if there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers.” // e.w. howe

this was the first summer when i truly understood how long a summer could be.

in this, the summer of my daughter’s entrée into her sixth year – i have caught a glimpse, an uneasy foreshadowing of what these months might feel like in say, six years from now – when she’s an in-be-tween – when ennui will have inevitably set in; a time when her parents, (even me! how could i ever seem uncool to anyone?!), will seem a pair of cosmic jokes, and camp may not appeal as much as it does now, (unless we send her far, far away, which we may very well do… foreverrr). okay, maybe not forever.

and yet – however much the days might’ve seemed impossible to fill, how we managed to pack every last one of them with whatever energy was leftover from the day before, to entertain, to amuse, to stay in pajamas and watch every single harry potter movie on sunny sundays, (blasphemy!); to on occasion, reckoning with a bored moppet who is as mighty in gaining a laugh as she is getting into mischief. the summers no longer seem as easy as they used to be.

and then, into first grade she’ll go and time will start gaining on us again. the leaves will turn, sweaters will come out, and before we know it – we’ll be contemplating what’ll keep her busy toward the summer of her seventh year.

for now, i’ll take some small solace in the fact that she hasn’t yet been bitten by the back-to-school shopping bug – and love it on her behalf. i’ll hit pause on ruminating about the passage of time, on the complexities of raising a well-adjusted kid and forgetting how quickly it all goes by – and just pick up a few things, while she still lets me.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 10.19.26 PM





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August 24, 2015

“of all the things a body loves, predictability is one of them.” // d. agus

there are those inevitable moments in every relationship and predominantly those that lean romantic, when it’ll become clear that things may have become a wee bit predictable.

it’s no cause for alarm and there’s no need to rush out to agent provocateur — there are just so many conversations, so many looks across crowded rooms; and so many in-jokes that a couple can circumnavigate after more than a decade together, (and fumbling head-long into their second). it’s nigh impossible to keep someone on their toes at all times, you’d need to sleep for days for the energy it would necessitate; and so sometimes – repeating an anecdote, a joke or let’s be perfectly honest; sitting on the sofa, sans witty banter, will sometimes be, very much enough.

the fact of the matter is, if you feel as if any part of your life is stuck in a rut, chances are it’s got nothing to do with whomever you share your toothpaste with; but will bubble and foment somewhere in you first, (i’d aver somewhere in between your hypothalamus and your liver).

i am so predictable that i can time the creep of the late summer light-blues – i get them every year –  and all i need is a quick september to shake me out of it. it’s a good thing that autumn boasts a new start, new ideas, a certain comfort in predictable routines – and much less time to sit around contemplating my navel. a sure-fire way to ignite a little fire under my arse too, is a few new looks; however, predictably – striped.






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“there are good days and there are bad days, and this is one of them.” // l. welk

it was as if yesterday had its intentions set from the start. instead of taco-tuesday, the portion past noon turned out to be what i would later defend as the most terrifyingly agitated tuesday committed to memory in rather a long time.

it was nothing that would prove useful to bore you with, just the usual mundanities of life taking on their worst traits and trying their absolute best to see how vexing they could be. and trust, the limits were set on high. and so, by the time i had finished my daily hustle, made sure the kid was fed, washed and put to bed, by the time the dog had flipped his bowl over in demand of fresh water for the thirteenth time, and by the time i had eaten what my daughter had not for dinner – all i wanted for was to be able to wrap myself up in the largest knit known to man, and hideout in my very own pillow fort — wherein in an icy cocktail would join me, and a NO TRESPASSING sign would be affixed to the outside.




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