“the reinvention of daily life means marching off the edge of our maps.” // b. black

i really appreciate the fine art of a do-over.

a time, a moment, a beginning that strolled along well-enough until something, or someone gave their head a shake, and had a change of heart and started fresh. i sometimes feel that we become so tied to a concept, or an idea of who and what we are, that we don’t give making a change a fair shake. i mean, just because you started off doing one thing, doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s going to be the end-game until the end of your game.

i thought my winning piece would be somewhere, somehow writing, (what – i don’t know), i instead did everything in-between and did this wee bit thing on the side. a million years from where i started, i am, what i very-tongue-in-cheekly call, an entrepreneur-lite, running a teensy business, and who ever saw that coming should’ve clued me in because, who knew?

and that’s why it gives me just a little jolt of joy when someone, particularly someone who found success elsewhere, decided that ‘nope – this is no longer for me’, turned around, made a switch and decided to reinvent themselves… and found fulfillment somewhere new.

the row title A

A Single Man poster

victoria:victoria beckham

➝ source : multi-pouch wristlet via the row [you know who they are.]

➝ source : monkey pleat dress via title a [former model, agyness deyn’s line]

➝ source : a single man, tom ford‘s directorial debut

➝ source : cotton poplin dress via victoria/victoria beckham [zig-a-zig-ah]

“fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. it’s a way of understanding it.” // l. alexander

an odd thing to admit, maybe, but i haven’t picked up a fashion rag in months.

with those monthlies comes an internal push and pull – of want, and then, what to do with them when you’re done?

i used to keep a few, (a few too many), the ones that felt special. the fat ones that came out in september, those that hurt your shoulders if you lugged them around in your shoulder bag for too long. the ones that featured some fantastic editorial, beyond the norm, or those that just spoke to me somehow.

there was a time, that they played such an integral part of my everyday, that a copy of french vogue, then still edited by carine roitfeld, played into how my then-boyfriend-now-husband, proposed the idea of getting into a white dress and playing house for the next five decades or so. i was devoted.

and then one day, packing, as we were moving house, i realized, this mountain of glossies had become a hindrance. it wasn’t economical, it’s wasn’t minimal; it was a heavy burden of copy, ink and paper cuts. they were brought to the curb, and i hope, recycled into something more useful, but no less beautiful.

i miss those moments, the ones whilst flipping through the pages when i had to bring the photo right up close to my face, as if to soak up some small piece of these weird and far-fetched chimera – the dreamscape of those who can see make-believe and bring it to reality.

perhaps just for old time’s sake, i’ll visit the presse international, and pick a little something up – just to see if it lives up to the memory.

Eternal Optimist Vogue 2012 G Coddington Vogue Paris, June:July 2011 VogueParisMarch2011 Inez Vinoodh

W Spellbound Steven Meisel September 2012


➝ source : “eternal optimist” / vogue march 2012 / grace coddington

➝ source : “downtown girl” / paris vogue june/july 2011 / inez + vinoodh

➝ source : “pop egérie” / paris vogue march 2011 / inez + vinoodh

➝ source : “spellbound” / w magazine september 2012 / steven meisel

“it seems to me we can never give up longing and wishing while we are still alive. there are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger for them.” // g. eliot

don’t be too quick to be fooled – mary anne evans knew of what she spoke – and called herself george so those who were prone to not take her seriously –would. and i, in turn, wouldn’t dream of taking her words lightly. so, if i were the wishing type, which i suppose i would call getting my hopes up – i’d be dropping hints all over the place so those keeping their ears to the ground wouldn’t have to guess to glean what i was longing for. it is, after all, a very valid point ms. evans made…





sense a theme? the heart wants what the heart wants…

→ source : all over triangle oversized cardigan via chinti & parker in collaboration with patternity

→ source : renee two-tone loafers via robert clergerie

→ source : oversized black sunglasses via linda farrow

→ source : swoon-worthy ‘these same stars’ silk scarf via rob ryan and available at etsy

published first in november 2013.

“music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” // v. hugo

if i were to believe in magic, if i thought there was something out there that egged us on, that gave us power; more than we were naturally gifted with – i would hazard that you’d find it somewhere in your favourite songs.

don’t take this to mean that what we wear falls short – what we choose to cover ourselves with has a power all its own. yet, i do think that if somewhere in your not-so distant past, you found yourself clinging to certain melodies, repeating lyrics as meditations on calm to get you through your days; or hot summer nights you found yourself rolling down the windows in your first, battered and bruised car; taking night drives with the volume turned up to ten – you’ll find the DNA of those songs somewhere in the threads and seams of clothes you wear.  it’s almost impossible to not listen when something speaks to you – speaks to the very heart of you.

is it any surprise that what i wear carries with it elements of all those who sang the songs that to me, felt like magic?





depeche mode // blur // elastica // the smiths

“what is chic is just to be perfect, like magical, no?” // c. roitfeld

i looked across my enormous bowl of pasta in search of a piece of bread the other day, to instead be caught by the view of one of my most favourite people – she of mixed patterns, and deep-sea blue blouses with one shoulder an arabesque of fabric, and sparkled ferragamos; and realized she is the very definition of a word that is oft used, but rarely properly dispensed.

the meaning sullied, it’s the very reason i don’t use the word chic very often – and when i do, it’s usually doled out to be rather tongue-in-cheek. i called her that the other day and could hardly pronounce it, it sounded so foreign coming out of my mouth, but i meant it in earnest.

and then it dawned on me – it’s not about fashion is it? style rarely is; being chic is about a certain kind of magic. an alchemy of fearlessness, a certain joy, and a spirit that can see past the clothes and embody a person.

and that? that is the definition of chic.



Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.12.12 PM


➝ source : flat clutch via clare vivier

➝ source : chinti & parker striped organic tee via net-a-porter

➝ source : adele skirt via vivetta

➝ source : chloé lauren scalloped-edged flats via matches

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