“you live and learn. at any rate, you live.” // d. adams

there are a few things i’ve already learned in 2015.

the first is that i am not meant for the high seas. though it felt like eight days was nearly enough to make me a marine, this rather woozy feeling of mal de debarquement is proof positive my feet are better suited to terra firma and creeper boots.

and though the salty sea air was generous in its exfoliating and cleansing properties, i think i’ll take a holiday from the humid winds, the beating down sun, and me – being a sweaty and frizzy mess.

island life, beautiful to look at, but i’ll take the cold city for the win.

i think i may be the only person who took the dog out for a walk this morning and leaned into the -20°C winds and reveled in the cold, crisp air.

hi honeys, i’m home and i’ve got a huge sweater on…






➝ source : intarsia don’t panic sweater via marc jacobs

➝ source : bi-colour ribbed sweater via chloé

➝ source : cut-out wool sweater via helmut lang

➝ source : wish sweater via hope stockholm

“the adornment of the body is a human need. i don’t see anything superficial about it,…” // d. lachapelle

though i joke about an overreaching superficiality – i have to admit, that i don’t really buy into the thought that appreciating clothing, design, attention-to-detail, humor, and whatever-else-that-floats-your-boat, is proof positive of one’s resolute shallowness.

that sort of thinking just doesn’t scan. much like the music one listens to, the books one chooses to read, and the words they use to express themselves – the way you choose to look – in life, in your home, on your face, and down to your tippy-tippy toes – is a crucial step toward knowing, and fully communicating who you are.

you might as well broadcast it as loud as you can – the best/worst thing that could happen, is that someone might be listening.













➝ source : women in clothes by sheila heti, heidi julavits, leanne shapton

➝ source : girl boss by sophia amoruso

➝ source : science… for her! by megan amram

➝ source : rookie yearbook edited by tavi gevinson

“my eyesight is not nearly as good. my hearing is probably going away. my memory is slipping too. but I’m still around.” // j. wooden

the year i turned thirteen, was a very bad year indeed.

there were no soft summer nights, no lights, no village green, when i was thirteen.

instead, what there was, was a hormonal muddle of bad skin, unruly hair, braces, and eyesight that was about to go very, very murky. to say that a gentler and somewhat cuter late adolescence was hard won, would be an unkindness to the very definition of the word understatement. thank goodness for a sense of humor, and a brooding love of all things depeche mode, black clothes, and big-soled dr. martens.

the brunt of that laundry list of physical burdens still plague me, but they’re much simpler to deal with (and scoff at) – as long as you have means enough for a good hair stylist, a better brand of concealer, and health-coverage for a monthly therapist visit.

my eyesight, of course, is worse – but, at least one can look chic and almost intellectual – instead of solely scholastic and utterly derpy, with a good pair of specs.


➝ source : emerald green 0772 via cutler and gross

➝ source : watts in blue sapphire via warby parker

➝ source : afton in workmen grey via oliver peoples

➝ source : 180 in black via linda farrow

“i grew up in europe, where the history comes from.” // e. izzard

the catwalks that truly catch my fancy are the ones that end up way over on stage right; across the pond and over the pontes

i’d hazard that i could stop there and forego traveling over to france for the next week of fashion-many-weeks, but for now, revel in gorgeousness from london and milan. while there, fetch a few (dozen) panzerotti from luini for me and i’ll forget all about the fashion…


left to right:

fendi // angelos bratis

peter pilotto // stella jean

prada // roksanda ilincic

all photos via style dot com

“…being a man is a serious problem and being a woman is, too. lots of things are problems.” // e. gorey


i’d like to consider myself a medium-maintenance kind of girl.

i know that’s probably not true, since i do my hair and set my face everyday – but it’s not as if i get up with the birds to make sure i have enough time to do so. and really, it’s when i wash my hair that i can be considered on the high-end of that scale.

but really, you’d have to ask my husband his opinion on this.

i know that in comparison, he could roll out of bed with 19 minutes to go until we have to leave and he’ll be showered and changed before i’ve even had a chance to curl my lashes. and then, i watch with envy how quickly his wardrobe decisions get made – shirt/zip-up on top, denim down below. choosing a colourful pair of socks and tying his shoe laces are the two t0-do items that take the longest amount of time. and then i think how great it would be to roll out of bed, and get dressed like him – i wonder if its too early to become one of those couples that dress alike…


➝ source : zip sweatshirt via neil barrett

➝ source : free bird bracelet via scosha

➝ source : levi’s vintage via the corner

➝ source : chuck tayler high tops via converse

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