“every woman should have a purse of her own.” // s.b. anthony

there’s always something to carry.

there are groceries to haul, the girl’s lunch to tote; my wallet is a continental – so named as it spans the distance of a small country within the one i currently reside; and that too, needs a hand.

i’m one of those – one of those who adds insult to injury you could say, wherein the bag i currently carry, acts as mother doll to a nesting set of matryoshkas. the contents then put into smaller versions of themselves – my bag is the very definition of meta. they reference each other, with a wink and a nod; a bag within a bag, within a bag. you go on and tell two friends and let’s see where this all ends up.

that’s why, whenever i take a shine for another – it’s not the more the merrier, but go big or go home.





➝ source : bianca crossbody bag via 3.1 philip lim

➝ source : roger mello print pvc bag via marni

➝ source : top handle tote via prada

➝ source : paco tote via jerome dreyfuss

“to make a living, craftiness is better than learnedness.” // p.a. caron de beaumarchais

i’ve got a crafty sort of kid.

it’s mandated that i stockpile all toilet and paper towel rolls, cardboard stay-flats that come with every delivery of stock for the main gig are kept in a not-so orderly stack under her desk. there are the teensiest shreds of paper and all sorts and sundry of card-stock hidden under every sofa, side chair, and corner of the house; of course, we can’t discount the dog hair, glitter, and general detritus of living. hello, my most epic of dust bunnies.

i love that my kid has ideas, an imagination that won’t quit, and tells a mean joke. i love that she’s found a use for the dozens of rolls of washi tape i cannot help but to keep buying. i love it. i don’t share her love of cutting things up, making scraps; of gluing fingers together or of colouring until the markers bleed through; but i wouldn’t dare let that stop her.

my craftiness lies in more organized pursuits – wrapping gifts, doing whatever it is i do here and then there’s having a rather acute appreciation of clothes that may or may not look like my kid might’ve coloured and cut those up as well.

baobao isseymiyake





➝ source : bao bao issey miyake geometric pattern tote via farfetch

➝ source : colour block fringe top via msgm

➝ source : mineral skinny jeans via kenzo

➝ source : couple jersey dress via henrik vibskov


“philosophies fall away like sand, creeds follow one another, but what is beautiful is a joy for all seasons, a possession for all eternity.” // o. wilde

this time of year – i become very adept at ignoring all the red. let’s call it selective/festive color-blindness.

the red cups, the red trim, the red accents splashed on every single available surface, and oh, let’s not forget the melodies that, though not seen but heard, if they had a hue, you know they’d be red.

i’m not a scrooge, i don’t mind the merriment, yet i do get a kink in my neck with over-the-top-ness of it all; the fact that it all begins the day after halloween, and that it doesn’t stop for two months straight. what’s more – this year, i’ve gleaned a little bit of intel on the other side – the side which wants you to buy!buy!buy!, and between you and me, it’s all sorts of batty.

but then, who am i to moan? i don’t even celebrate the holiday that comes in red, mine usually comes in blue – but even then, come the 25th of december; sleepy-eyed and surrounded by love – what’s the harm in a little comfort and joy that comes prepackaged and priced to sell?

narspoketo thekinfolkhome


➝ source : ‘a woman’s face’ holiday collection via steven klein x nars

➝ source : b&w notebooks via poketo

➝ source : the kinfolk home via kinfolk

➝ source : the school of life ‘the thinker game’ via, (see, i had to!) bibelot & token

“when you give yourself, you receive more than you give.” // a. de saint-exupery

during a sunday morning marathon of stealing pillows and foot wrestling with the moppet and watching ASAPscience – a rather interesting topic came up; a rather well-timed discussion around this time of year that boasts only tinsel, red, and ho-ho-hos; and that is – is it better to give or receive?

granted, it’s a rather difficult notion to get on board with for a six-year old – why ever would she think it’s better to give – as when she’s in receipt, it’s pure joy, wonder and enthusiasm. as the giver in this scenario – of course, it’s glorious to have been the one to have been able to extend that moment of bliss to her – after all, it’s not what was given, but the spirit in which that most enormous box of lego was given.

and i’m not worried that she’ll cotton on to giving > receiving, as she’ll come by it naturally – as giving people gifts of any kind, (but mostly the just because kind), is one of my most favourite things to do.

yet – i won’t ever deny that being given the once-in-a-while, why-the-hell not gift is probably one of the most delightful feelings ever… because, really – why the hell not?





➝ source : iosseliani ‘all that jewels’ ring via farfetch

➝ source : charcoal + aloe face cleanser via little barn apothecary

➝ source : iphone case via poketo x casetify

➝ source : chevron wrap via voz

“i need more frugality. i wonder where i can buy some.” // j. kintz

if you were interested in knowing the winningest combination in saving a few dimes here and there – it is to make for certain that your current financial sitch is so complicated you’ll have no energy to keep digging your wallet out of your bag.

my recipe for saving success?

  1. start a business
  2. move house
  3. have eyes so glazed over from staring at a computer screen, that even window-shopping is too much

truth be told, no new item of clothing has crossed the threshold of my doorway in months. my penchant for nude lips and lined eyes has become less about finding what’s new, and instead i’ve realized a scenario where i now understand the lyric of ‘loving the one you’re with’. i know sephora misses me, but, i’ll be back – i’ll need shampoo eventually and even i know my limits – i’ll break in time.

if i had my druthers and was forced to choose a small haul of items that were currently nagging my itchy-fingers, it would be these little pretties i’d want to take home with me:

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 8.58.09 PM

binchotan drjart tataharper

➝ source : shaba complex eye serum via drunk elephant

➝ source : binchotan facial cleansing mask via rikumo

➝ source : dr. jart dermaclear trans-foam clay in green via sephora

➝ source : volumizing lip & cheek tint in very nice via tata harper

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