“winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.” // s. lewis

the thing about winter is that wearing anything new would invariably go to waste.

it’s too cold to go out, and when you’re forced into the icebound wilderness you’re wrapped and wound in all the things that keep one warm. parkas, shawls, toques, (i’m canadian), gloves up to there; and then if it’s too bright out, a pair of sunglasses is the frozen cherry on top of that swirling mass of outerwear.

you wouldn’t know the difference if i was wearing my jams under that avalanche of synthetic down. even if i were, it would make things much simpler to shrug it all off when i get back inside and plonk myself on the sofa with a cup of hot-something and a pile of not-the-usual fashion stand mags.



humanbeing porter



➝ source : address magazine

➝ source : human being journal

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“and let’s be red with mirth.” // shakespeare

oh, the joy.

it’s not enough that i have to monitor my hairline for that halo of grey that creeps in every 42 days, my eyes for the landing of crows; and my chin for errant hairs that foretells a future that begs for the sweet release of eternal sleep, or barring that, an industrial strength laser at my bedside.

but now? now – i have to deal with the reality of a rosy glow amped up to 14 on the dial – a rosy glow that becomes electric light without any provocation and burns red with a fiery heat.

i didn’t need the derm to tell me that i had rosacea, i just wanted some small bit of justification for the products that i had already begun to use; those in tandem with the regimen that had previously taken me roughly 10 years to perfect.

oh, i can tell that the next phase of life is going to be a gas. strap yourselves in, kids – it’s going to get bumpy.

kate somerville peter thomas roth skinceuticals

first aid beauty

➝ source : exfolikate cleanser via kate somerville

➝ source : un-wrinkle peel pads via peter thomas roth

➝ source : epidermal repair via skinceuticals

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“every woman should have a purse of her own.” // s.b. anthony

there’s always something to carry.

there are groceries to haul, the girl’s lunch to tote; my wallet is a continental – so named as it spans the distance of a small country within the one i currently reside; and that too, needs a hand.

i’m one of those – one of those who adds insult to injury you could say, wherein the bag i currently carry, acts as mother doll to a nesting set of matryoshkas. the contents then put into smaller versions of themselves – my bag is the very definition of meta. they reference each other, with a wink and a nod; a bag within a bag, within a bag. you go on and tell two friends and let’s see where this all ends up.

that’s why, whenever i take a shine for another – it’s not the more the merrier, but go big or go home.





➝ source : bianca crossbody bag via 3.1 philip lim

➝ source : roger mello print pvc bag via marni

➝ source : top handle tote via prada

➝ source : paco tote via jerome dreyfuss

“we might knit that knot with our tongues that we shall never undo with our teeth.”// j. lyly

it’s been ages since i’ve stuck my feet tightly into my mouth.

the surprise isn’t that i have made these social gaffes; it’s that i haven’t in such a long while. it’s happened so many times before, when my head grows light, my cheeks grow flush with the awkwardness and heat of a thousand suns – and then my stomach knots itself into the recognized pretzel formation. then i go hide in the ladies for the rest of the night.

you’d think i’d know better than to bring it up – a forever jinx set in virtual stone. it’s just that i’m working with the statistics here, and quite plainly – if you add an increased number of functions with a definite rise in alcohol consumption, multiplied by  unknown extended family members – chances are rather high that i am, and let’s be honest – you too, are about to make incomparable asses out of ourselves.

the least one can do is dress appropriately, keep on smiling – and let it be known that those knots on the outside? they serve to complement the knots you feel on the inside.



proenza schouler

➝ source : oversized knot collar coat via msgm

➝ source : neoprene minidress via delpozo

➝ source : céline knot cuff via the realreal

➝ source : knot detail mules via proenza schouler

“a little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.”// r. dahl

being, as i was, a rather serious kid – i didn’t get into much trouble.

i got good grades without much hardship, (barring any of those subjects that required logic, the use of a protractor or a firm grasp on chemical compounds). i obeyed rules, followed procedure, and coloured within the lines.

sure – i partook in the merits of nicotine, doc martens and black hair-dye, but tallied up, i think i was a pretty good kid. (inna, if you’re reading this, let’s not rehash any details). what i was not, i don’t think, was a light and airy sort of teenager. a sense of humor sure, sarcasm at full tilt, and a lot of fun was had, but i know, it all felt heavier than it was, or needed to be at the time.

years on, i realize what it means to have youth be wasted on the young. it’s only now, advancing in on an age i never dreamed would catch up to me so quickly, that i’m starting to see things with a bit of light, i don’t take myself too seriously, and i can appreciate that now, it’s okay to throw caution to the wind now and again, and have a bit of a laugh – about myself, about life – and if the mood strikes, i’ll wear a silly sweatshirt, don a pin, and head out with eyes staring out, and try not to take it all to heart.





margiela➝ source : eyes detail shopper via red valentino

➝ source : you tried pin via adamjk

➝ source : where i stand sweatshirt via michaela buerger

➝ source : creatures of the wind sarazen skirt via farfetch

➝ source : peep toe boots via maison margiela

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