“style is much more interesting than fashion, really.” // m. jacobs

it’s been a seriously long while since i’ve felt some small flutter of envy, whilst inconspicuously scanning a girl’s style behind the dark divide of my hugest of sunglasses.

it’s always such a thrill when i see a girl (or boy!) who innately has that thing, that it thing that is so hard to put a finger on, but so easily plucked from a crowd. i’m never really sure what it is that catches my eye, maybe it’s that they unwittingly missed a button and their shirt is askew, or that their lip is a colour so bright, it immediately makes me want an ice cream cone, or it’s that they’re wearing nothing special at all, but they’re wearing it with such attitude, and a precise sort of certainty that makes their style uniquely theirs, and a little something to covet.

that’s not to say someone doesn’t see that in you – because chances are, if your head is held high and you can laugh with some conviction, someone probably already does.





➝ source : street style via the cut

➝ source : street style via, shockingly enough, street style

➝ source : london street style via the sartorialist

➝ source : gorgeous coat, via wear color


March 31, 2015

“i never get bored. there isn’t enough time in the day for me.” // f. hardy

and how could you, really – when the options are this incredibly endless?

no matter the person, no matter the style – a stripe is a stripe, and it’ll take you far.

if i were to choose, i’d be equal parts françoise and audrey, if not only for their wardrobes, but their teensy waists as well.

who’s your stripe icon?

farfetch – always an inspiration, follow the unfollowers


 [transparency : posted because i adore, not because i was paid to.]

“i am so clever that sometimes i don’t understand a single word of what i am saying.” // o. wilde

i can run on.

and if you’ve been around these parts more than, oh, once, you know that to be true. i’ll use a $10 word, when a buck will do; my sentences can marathon on and on into paragraphs and occasionally, it’s simpler to find a needle in haystack than whatever point it is that i’m trying to make.

and though there is meaning (possibly only to me), to this endeavor, i’ve been thinking a lot about the power that words can yield. catch-phrases can define a moment and the hashtag has become the go-to front-page headline for the 21st century.

words, in this virtual space, have become more powerful than ever, and sometimes i wonder if we’re thinking hard and long enough about the words we choose to cover ourselves up with.

i mean, wouldn’t you rather do good – and assist in the knowledge of proper grammar, or be the girl who wears the moschino spongebob squarepants tee?





➝ source : there their they’re tee via alphonnsine

➝ source : punk rosie tee via r13

➝ source : no mister thank you tee via sonia by sonia rykiel

➝ source : sad songs tee via stay home club


December 24, 2014

“a vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.” // e. wilson


oh, hi.

didn’t think you’d still be here. i was just popping in to check twitter, padding around in some slouchy socks, my flannel and very manly lands end robe, sipping on the world’s most massive cup of coffee.

i suppose while i’m here, i’ll send out the warmest wishes for a well-fed and laughter-filled holiday – i hope you get boozed up with your grandmas, and get some warm socks on christmas day.

i’ll be around, (dancing, you know it baby), here and there over the next week or so, but if i don’t get to say it, have a merry merry, and delightful new year. thanks for coming by to see me over the year. hugs.


November 13, 2014

“life is in colour, but black and white is more realistic.” // w. wenders

there is so much life left swimming in the smallest details of things.

it’s perception that shape-shifts, that makes everything either day-glo, or monochrome, sweet or sour, adored or abhorred. what makes the sky blue to you, is quite possibly paler, or brighter, to whomever that is, sitting right next to you.

it’s what makes getting up in the morning a thing worth doing, an opinion shared, may not be an opinion agreed upon, it’s what gives life its humour, its light; it is opposites, working hand in hand.

it’s why i think black and white, why monochrome is the most complicated/simple thing in the world. it can look so straightforward, but it all depends on what you’re looking for.

me? i might just be looking for a pair of shoes.





➝ source : platform sneakers via marc by marc jacobs

➝ source : flat loafer with bow via erdem

➝ source : creeper 30 mocassins via saint laurent

➝ source : chevron loafers via nicholas kirkwood

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