January 25, 2016

“every cloud has its silver lining but it is sometimes a little difficult to get it to the mint.” // d. marquis

name one thing bleaker than the last week of january.

yeah, i didn’t think you could.

winter has settled into its four month stretch – the holidays have become a hazy recollection of cheer and boozy-steeped mirth; and spring seems a world away, whilst wrapped up in scarves and a hat pulled so far down your forehead, mascara becomes persona non grata and finds itself running high.

i know february doesn’t boast much, albeit candy hearts and chocolate in the shape of romance – but, i suppose february needs that much to get it through those 28 days, even worse this time around, because of that extra day.

for now, i’ll take solace in the silver lining of the now. hot coffee, quiet evenings, enormous sweaters; and the shiny promise of what’s to come.

clare vivier loewe tods zucca

➝ source : lizzie wallet via clare vivier

➝ source : t-pouch via loewe

➝ source : tod’s mask crossbody via farfetch

➝ source : zucca fold-over knapsack

“it seems to me we can never give up longing and wishing while we are still alive. there are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger for them.” // g. eliot

don’t be too quick to be fooled – mary anne evans knew of what she spoke – and called herself george so those who were prone to not take her seriously –would. and i, in turn, wouldn’t dream of taking her words lightly. so, if i were the wishing type, which i suppose i would call getting my hopes up – i’d be dropping hints all over the place so those keeping their ears to the ground wouldn’t have to guess to glean what i was longing for. it is, after all, a very valid point ms. evans made…





sense a theme? the heart wants what the heart wants…

→ source : all over triangle oversized cardigan via chinti & parker in collaboration with patternity

→ source : renee two-tone loafers via robert clergerie

→ source : oversized black sunglasses via linda farrow

→ source : swoon-worthy ‘these same stars’ silk scarf via rob ryan and available at etsy

published first in november 2013.

“you can’t blame gravity for falling in love.” // a. einstein

i don’t fall in love easily.

i do, however, crush hard and fast, but then the feelings fade as quickly and as stealthily as they crept in. it’s probably lucky for my husband that this has remained the case for the last almost-12 years; otherwise the work of love and marriage would be an ever harder toil; we like to keep it breezy over here.

when i do find myself dizzy with a little bit of lust, it’s rarely in response to a boy; i mean sure, i enjoy a ryan gosling just as much as the next gal (or guy), but when i swoon, it’s not really a blonde i go for. my type is strong, but silent – glints in the light, and only makes a scene when i drop it on the floor; understandably.

i admit, sometimes i need a diversion, and step out with handbags and sunglasses; but those are just flings, i’m serious about my tchotchke.



➝ source : galaxy pearl & rectangle ring via sabrina dehoff

➝ source : giada forte my jewel #2 via the dreslyn

➝ source : schumacher loop bracelet via lara bohinc

➝ source : three-step balloon ring via wwake

“living in the past is a dull and lonely business; looking back strains the neck muscles, causing you to bump into people not going your way.” // e. ferber

i had a vision once – and i know how farfetched it’ll seem – but, i saw some version of myself, with a long strand of pearls, being torn away from my neck. loose little baubles on stone, falling away from me. i must’ve been hungover, or still booze-soaked, but i remember it vividly.

though i’m prone to discussing astrology with a permanent roll of the eyes, i can’t deny what they say about my sign. we’re headstrong, we enjoy the finer things in life, we don’t mind a good meal, (more often than we should), and we’re rather protective of our necks.

and then, there was that time – (oh, who am i kidding, i’ve had it done twice), when energy-readers from far-flung soviet provinces were sent in to read my aura. during both occasions, my eyes almost got stuck from rolling so far back into my head, until they both sternly mentioned that i should continue to be protective of my neck.

and so i am. in the prettiest way i know how.

i know i wear too many at one time, but its function over fashion on this one thing – as i’d rather be safe than sorry.





➝ source : stvdio brooklyn margarete pendant via bibelot & token

➝ source : fringed necklace via iosselliani

➝ source : triton necklace via odette

➝ source : nadir necklace via another feather

“of the seven deadly sins, lust is definitely the pick of the litter.” // t. robbins

if i’m heading toward sin, the usual suspects, much to my chagrin, fall into either column a : gluttony, or column b: sloth.

since these things usually do come in pairs, let’s try and keep it together and not roll our eyes too far back into our heads – it’s no surprise that these two are holding hands and making out like a couple of pimply teenagers; they’re not like chalk and cheese, they’re meant to be.

seeing as this is the case, when another mortal sin enters stage left, i’m more than willing to let it run its course. this does not mean i’m going to submit so easily, some work needs to be done before i give in; but you can’t deny – a little bit of lust does make the blood rush, the face flush, and reminds you that, OH! how wonderful it is to be alive…





➝ source : dutchess two-tone sunglasses via preen by thornton bregazzi

➝ source : short sleeve dress with appliqués via carven

➝ source : diamond flip ring via tilda biehn

➝ source : sacai open vamp platforms via lane crawford

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