“anybody who knows me knows i would never read a comic book.” // t. burton

medium-strung, though i can be – i’m not wound up so tight that i’m not able to lean back and have a good guffaw at my very own expense. i am a very funny girl, after all.

i’m susceptible to sarcasm, the occasional bit of wit, and well, a dose of self-deprecation taken on the hour. i’m an avid admirer of the ridiculous, the occasionally profane, and more often than not, the somewhat dirty. what i am not, however, is an enthusiastic admirer of the comic, of the strip variety.

the humor – too obvious, the illustrations too ridiculous, the colours too bright. i like having to dig a bit to find the funny, and with comics it’s all a bit too apparent. perhaps it’s there where you’ll find the reasons why i don’t enjoy being obvious in the way i dress. it’s too showy, too loud; all too apparent for those around to see it.

that doesn’t mean i don’t want to see you in it though.





➝ source : stars & lips clip-on earrings via stella mccartney

➝ source : red valentino eyes dress via farfetch

➝ source : pac-man sweatshirt via phillip plein

➝ source : all-over stickers crossbody via anya hindmarch

“to make a living, craftiness is better than learnedness.” // p.a. caron de beaumarchais

i’ve got a crafty sort of kid.

it’s mandated that i stockpile all toilet and paper towel rolls, cardboard stay-flats that come with every delivery of stock for the main gig are kept in a not-so orderly stack under her desk. there are the teensiest shreds of paper and all sorts and sundry of card-stock hidden under every sofa, side chair, and corner of the house; of course, we can’t discount the dog hair, glitter, and general detritus of living. hello, my most epic of dust bunnies.

i love that my kid has ideas, an imagination that won’t quit, and tells a mean joke. i love that she’s found a use for the dozens of rolls of washi tape i cannot help but to keep buying. i love it. i don’t share her love of cutting things up, making scraps; of gluing fingers together or of colouring until the markers bleed through; but i wouldn’t dare let that stop her.

my craftiness lies in more organized pursuits – wrapping gifts, doing whatever it is i do here and then there’s having a rather acute appreciation of clothes that may or may not look like my kid might’ve coloured and cut those up as well.

baobao isseymiyake





➝ source : bao bao issey miyake geometric pattern tote via farfetch

➝ source : colour block fringe top via msgm

➝ source : mineral skinny jeans via kenzo

➝ source : couple jersey dress via henrik vibskov


“a little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.”// r. dahl

being, as i was, a rather serious kid – i didn’t get into much trouble.

i got good grades without much hardship, (barring any of those subjects that required logic, the use of a protractor or a firm grasp on chemical compounds). i obeyed rules, followed procedure, and coloured within the lines.

sure – i partook in the merits of nicotine, doc martens and black hair-dye, but tallied up, i think i was a pretty good kid. (inna, if you’re reading this, let’s not rehash any details). what i was not, i don’t think, was a light and airy sort of teenager. a sense of humor sure, sarcasm at full tilt, and a lot of fun was had, but i know, it all felt heavier than it was, or needed to be at the time.

years on, i realize what it means to have youth be wasted on the young. it’s only now, advancing in on an age i never dreamed would catch up to me so quickly, that i’m starting to see things with a bit of light, i don’t take myself too seriously, and i can appreciate that now, it’s okay to throw caution to the wind now and again, and have a bit of a laugh – about myself, about life – and if the mood strikes, i’ll wear a silly sweatshirt, don a pin, and head out with eyes staring out, and try not to take it all to heart.





margiela➝ source : eyes detail shopper via red valentino

➝ source : you tried pin via adamjk

➝ source : where i stand sweatshirt via michaela buerger

➝ source : creatures of the wind sarazen skirt via farfetch

➝ source : peep toe boots via maison margiela

“it is the loose ends with which men hang themselves.”//

it’s been months since i felt like when i finished something, that there wasn’t anything waiting, just in some hazy middle-distance, waiting on me to get to it – and to make it snappy.

there’s been this constant run of hurdles, these dangling participles, of when one thing gets crossed off, there’s just one more thing, one more wafer-thin mint of a headache to parse.

it’s all right. it’s not a whinge, it’s a statement of fact. and once more unto the breach, i’ll muddle through. i’d just rather do it with a pretty little flounce, a formidable end – following behind me.





➝ source : intarsia sweater via kenzo

➝ source : crepe & satin wrap skirt via marni

➝ source : grenson tassel loafers via farfetch

➝ source : medium tassel shopper via proenza schouler

“it seems to me we can never give up longing and wishing while we are still alive. there are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger for them.” // g. eliot

don’t be too quick to be fooled – mary anne evans knew of what she spoke – and called herself george so those who were prone to not take her seriously –would. and i, in turn, wouldn’t dream of taking her words lightly. so, if i were the wishing type, which i suppose i would call getting my hopes up – i’d be dropping hints all over the place so those keeping their ears to the ground wouldn’t have to guess to glean what i was longing for. it is, after all, a very valid point ms. evans made…





sense a theme? the heart wants what the heart wants…

→ source : all over triangle oversized cardigan via chinti & parker in collaboration with patternity

→ source : renee two-tone loafers via robert clergerie

→ source : oversized black sunglasses via linda farrow

→ source : swoon-worthy ‘these same stars’ silk scarf via rob ryan and available at etsy

published first in november 2013.

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