February 9, 2016

“life isn’t black and white. it’s a million gray areas, don’t you find?” // r. scott

i’m not comfortable inhabiting within the grey.

nothing is as clear or cleanly cut as glass, that much i know; but finding myself in a bit of a nebulous muddle does nothing but make the need for precise lines of black and white quite very mandatory.

if there’s not much to hang on to for a bit of stability; whether a handrail or hand-holding; if the room starts to spin as the part of you that’s a control freak, loses all control and becomes solely freak – it’s best not to blur the lines any further and keep things as straightforward as possible.

black and white. monochrome only. stripes or solids – nothing more, nothing less, nothing else. any more than that, and you’ll be begging for a hand out of the murky grey.



simone rocha


rag & bone

ann demeulemeester

➝ source : vintage chanel round crossbody bag via farfetch

➝ source : cut-out polka dot knit via simone rocha

➝ source : bengal stripe jeans via rag + bone

➝ source : buckled wedge sandals via ann demeulemeester

“without valentine’s day, february would be… well, january.” // j. gaffigan

i have a lot of love to give.

sometimes i think i need to reign it in a bit –  i’m fairly certain i can be a mite overwhelming on occasion. that’s okay, i’m self-aware enough to know when to get and give some air.

but you know what? the level affection i feel, the reserves i keep stored up, wane, in the smallest of increments as we lead up to february 14th. i don’t feel love less, i just get irked with the en masse bursts of chocolate covered romance, red roses on repeat, and the cloyingly sweet incantations on love.

and yes, i know how this might come off. it’s jaded, cynical, i’m probably a misanthrope. fine, i may be two out of three, but not on the topic of love. i just really hope that everyone gets to feel loved on all days of the year, and it doesn’t just get lumped in on one cold day in winter with a drugstore teddy-bear and a box of chocolates wrapped in catchpenny red ribbon.

sonia rykiel




➝ source : crystal lip pin via sonia ryiel

➝ source : vivetta ruffled shirt dress via farfetch

➝ source : mini lia crossbody bag via alexander wang

➝ source : laurence dacade sandals via shoescribe


January 28, 2016

“dwell on the beauty of life. watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”// m. aurelius

does it matter the clientele, or to question the continued significance of couture – if you survey it as beauty, and occasionally staggering beauty at that, only?


all images via vogue

valentino spring couture 2016

giambattista valli spring couture 2016

“fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. it’s a way of understanding it.” // l. alexander

an odd thing to admit, maybe, but i haven’t picked up a fashion rag in months.

with those monthlies comes an internal push and pull – of want, and then, what to do with them when you’re done?

i used to keep a few, (a few too many), the ones that felt special. the fat ones that came out in september, those that hurt your shoulders if you lugged them around in your shoulder bag for too long. the ones that featured some fantastic editorial, beyond the norm, or those that just spoke to me somehow.

there was a time, that they played such an integral part of my everyday, that a copy of french vogue, then still edited by carine roitfeld, played into how my then-boyfriend-now-husband, proposed the idea of getting into a white dress and playing house for the next five decades or so. i was devoted.

and then one day, packing, as we were moving house, i realized, this mountain of glossies had become a hindrance. it wasn’t economical, it’s wasn’t minimal; it was a heavy burden of copy, ink and paper cuts. they were brought to the curb, and i hope, recycled into something more useful, but no less beautiful.

i miss those moments, the ones whilst flipping through the pages when i had to bring the photo right up close to my face, as if to soak up some small piece of these weird and far-fetched chimera – the dreamscape of those who can see make-believe and bring it to reality.

perhaps just for old time’s sake, i’ll visit the presse international, and pick a little something up – just to see if it lives up to the memory.

Eternal Optimist Vogue 2012 G Coddington Vogue Paris, June:July 2011 VogueParisMarch2011 Inez Vinoodh

W Spellbound Steven Meisel September 2012


➝ source : “eternal optimist” / vogue march 2012 / grace coddington

➝ source : “downtown girl” / paris vogue june/july 2011 / inez + vinoodh

➝ source : “pop egérie” / paris vogue march 2011 / inez + vinoodh

➝ source : “spellbound” / w magazine september 2012 / steven meisel


January 25, 2016

“every cloud has its silver lining but it is sometimes a little difficult to get it to the mint.” // d. marquis

name one thing bleaker than the last week of january.

yeah, i didn’t think you could.

winter has settled into its four month stretch – the holidays have become a hazy recollection of cheer and boozy-steeped mirth; and spring seems a world away, whilst wrapped up in scarves and a hat pulled so far down your forehead, mascara becomes persona non grata and finds itself running high.

i know february doesn’t boast much, albeit candy hearts and chocolate in the shape of romance – but, i suppose february needs that much to get it through those 28 days, even worse this time around, because of that extra day.

for now, i’ll take solace in the silver lining of the now. hot coffee, quiet evenings, enormous sweaters; and the shiny promise of what’s to come.

clare vivier loewe tods zucca

➝ source : lizzie wallet via clare vivier

➝ source : t-pouch via loewe

➝ source : tod’s mask crossbody via farfetch

➝ source : zucca fold-over knapsack

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