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June 15, 2011

there are soooooo many fash sites out there. so many, and why i thought it would be a good idea to put my hat in the ring yet once again, is pretty much so beyond me, it’s miles and miles away. in any event, here i am, but this isn’t about me. i’m just here to extol the virtues of the one site that i think pretty much gets it right, day in and day out. refinery29 – is just plain awesome. it is the jam. it’s the only site that i faithfully read every single day, because it’s got wit, humour, swell writing and appeals to my just a little-bit-left-of-centre-ness. it’s just a plum good. go read. but, really.

check out some highlights from today:

today on refinery 29 - eddie borgo @ j.crew!


eddie borgo for j.crew jewelry collection



i love (love!) this outfit. adam resort 2012


the 20 resort looks we loved the most

okay, that’s all for singing their praises. i’m going to see what they had to say for themselves today…


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June 13, 2011

i’m totally ignoring the lanvin 2012 resort collection – it was beautiful, to be sure, but come on – when alber elbaz mentioned he would be designing a collection pour les bébés, i think i scoffed. but, how could i possibly sneer when it looks as irresistibly fun as this:


lanvin. for kids. come on. too fun.


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June 12, 2011

i feel about nail polish, the way i do about most accessories.

an extra bangle here, or a pomegranate pop of colour on your nails is a surefire way to inject some personality into your wardrobe – when your wardrobe tends to just recycle itself from one day to the next. (or maybe that’s just my wardrobe talking.)

however, if you don’t have your afternoons free to lazily wait till your varnish dries at the nearest cheap & cheerful, but you do have some time on your hands to do some quick arts & crafts, there are few options out there that are sure to gloss those digits.

first up, we’ve got sally hansen’s salon effects real nail polish strips. first impression? the name is just ridiculously long. second impression? the designs are pretty neat, if you’re opting for the katy perry look. (which, you know, could be your bag. no judgment.)

i’ve only used one thus far, and that was one of the super glittery options, ‘blue ice’ – and although the application was fairly straightforward (peel, break, apply) – getting the damn things off took an age. glitter varnish usually takes forever, but my thought was that since these were basically stickers, that it wouldn’t be such a pain. i was very wrong. think trying to get out of jail using a shiv. but, the effect was pretty cute and the packaging said it would last up to 10 days – i believe it too, i’m just fickle and didn’t want blue nails for that long.



next up? sephora by OPI chic prints. much like the sally hansen option, these apply very simply. developed by minx nails, these are much more like stickers for your nails; warm them up, apply and off you go, with stars, stripes or cheetah prints tips. these will last you much less time, approximately 2-3 days, and simply peel off when you’re done. my favourite? silver stars on a black base. reminded me of chanel’s s/s 2008 show. sigh. at least a slight approximation could grace my fingertips.




just super gorgeous. (both natalia and the dress.)


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June 9, 2011

the suno 2012 resort show, was just so completely my jam. (as those of you much younger than me would say)

and i know, if you know me IRL, you’d be looking at these photos, and scratching your head. because, well, really? i never wear a print. and rarely wear anything brighter than let’s say, navy blue. however! in my head and in my heart, i’m all about joie de vivre, and about colour, and pattern, and well, just the hooray of it all that dressing yourself in these clothes sort of inspire.

in my head, i am this person:

suno resort 2012


suno resort 2012


i *need* this dress.


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June 8, 2011

let’s take a look at what a typical day looks like for my wrists:

my left wrist looks somewhat similar. just add a watch into the mix.


taking that into consideration, it should come as no surprise to you that dannijo’s rima bracelets are just so calling out my name.

(yes, all of them.)

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