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October 31, 2012

while we’re not on the subject, a few things for around the/this house that i’m eyeing for your benefit. totally not for my own. not at all:



→ 1: box box by hay

→ 2: kaleido trays by hay

→ 3: sapien bookcase, not by hay, but by bruno rainaldi

apparently, i enjoy the dwr site. i’d bet you would too. sigh.



it’s been raining, which is probably not a surprise, all things considered –  for… i’ve lost count of how many days. and i’m postponing the inevitable, (the countless & mindless to-do list that runs like a mouse on a rolodex wheel), and so instead, i’m window-dreaming. it’s a pretty vivid one, at that:





→  1: roksanda ilincic penrose wool-crepe dress

it’s no wonder my right shoulder points due south, waiting to make its acquaintance with my hip.

i’ve always had that bag-as-replacement-house syndrome – carrying all and sundry, just waiting for the time when someone needs something that i’ll most definitely have hiding in my bag. and i do have the most perfectly wondrous bag, a jerome dreyfuss that i’ll forever make eyes at – but there are times when i need a something a bit smaller than the leather version of a cargo van on my person. these compact styles in theory (and style), are great, i’m just not sure i’m ready for a smaller model, though my upper back definitely is…





→ 1: marc by marc jacobs irina satchel

→ 2: marc by marc jacobs lizzie dots cross body

→ 3: never thought i’d see the day that i’d like anything coach, however: coach willis bag 

→ 4: the always delightful, no matter the size, proenza schouler ps1 pouch

i’ve never been one for flash and frou. i’ll leave the gleaming baubles, the jangly and bright for those who can pull it off with humour. me? i like things simple, (i may like to wear a lot of it, all at the same time, so that you’ll always hear me coming before you see me), but easy and effortless nonetheless, and these pieces have really been speaking to me:






→ 1: syracuse necklace by academy

→ 2: geo necklace by biko

→ 3: silver standard by maslo jewelry

of course, it would be utterly ridiculous to hand over this much on a raincoat, on a plastic mac for a child, no less. but. and the but of course comes with my head in the clouds, because if you have the means, this stella mccartney ‘dottie’ raincoat is just plumb divine. (and i’m not too proud to admit (loudly!) that i’d probably pick one up for myself if it came in my not-so childlike size.)


the price might be dottie, but you can’t deny how sweet it is…


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