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“sometimes too much to drink is barely enough.” // m. twain

talking about new year’s eve makes me feel like such a killjoy.

i promise i enjoy mirth and revelry as much as the next person, pinky-swear i do. i just don’t dig it that much when i feel like i’m being compelled to be excited and ecstatic when i’m just not feeling it. new year’s eve, to me, is the eternal let-down. it’s not that i don’t understand the need for excitement; it’s the end of another year, and the beginnings of yet another – it’s something new, it’s something fresh – it’s something to look forward to – it’s hope made real, bubbling in a coupe of champagne.

i instead choose to make my 31st a little quieter. we’ll stay in, i’ll actually cook something that will require me to mince, chop and simmer – we’ll have a glass of something or other, and i’ll make my peace with whatever happened in the year i’m saying goodbye to, and welcome yet another, with just a little bit of quiet reflection and 365 days worth of humour.

whatever you do – whether it be soaked in alcohol, loud, messy and/or noisy, or if you end up in bed by 10.30pm, let your 2014 be whatever you want it to be. it isn’t up to the year after all, i think the year may be up to you.

play safe, be well, see you next year…





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“my, my. a body does get around.” // w. faulkner

the trees were pretty for a spell. they twinkled in the sunlight and made tinny, twinkly sounds like a wind chime in deep summer. alas – it wasn’t summer – the ice storm was the polar opposite – it was the antithesis of heat and sweat. it meant metres long scarves, your warmest parkas, and hours spent chipping away at ice – ice, ice everywhere; beware.

due to this hard labour, we wrapped our bodies in fleece and water proof fabrics, ones that don’t let cold air in, and wouldn’t dream of letting body heat out – in the midst of all this we lost our waists, our hips, our shoulders – there was too much padding, and so my shoulder bag just refused to stay put – and it needed to, or the snow and ice that needed to be removed would never be removed. and so, along with an ice pick – i needed to pick up a cross-body bag, that would work with me, and not against me, in this our winter of discontent…





→ source : small ryder satchel via 3.1 phillip lim

→ source : multi-pocketed crossbody handbag via marni

→ source : small suffolk crossbody bag in bluebell via mulberry

→ source : miu miu madras textured-leather handbag via net-a-porter

“i make no secret of the fact that i would rather lie on a sofa than sweep beneath it.” // s. conran

it has been said, that change is as good as a rest. i’ve decided that i’ve been well enough behaved to do both.

utter nonsense and long-winded ramblings will be intermittent during the next ten days or so. we’re leaving on a jet-plane and will speed 37,000 feet in the air toward the pacific coast to enjoy some good coffee, a bit of cool sunshine, and more than anything – a bit of a rest.

thank you for stopping by, whenever you had the chance or the inclination this year – and to you and yours, have a happy, merry and healthy whathaveyou, and a most wonderful ushering in of the very absurd sounding 2014. i’ll see you soon!





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“a good fragrance is really a powerful cocktail of memories and emotion.” // j. stepakoff

there are a few scents i’m forever done in by.

the smell of cinnamon, and therefore, winter and apple pie; popcorn, and so, salty butter and my favourite films; and ysl’s opium that obviously ends in me, age six looking up at my mum – thinking that she very well must be the most glamorous woman in the world; holding her hand and never wanting to let it go. scent – she is omnipotent in the eyes (and noses) of our memories.

i’ve worn the very same scent for almost two decades now – and every time i get it in my head to make a change, the outcome ends up going sour. is it my signature, or just a matter of the habitual? all i do know – is that there is a disconnect between my sense of smell and my sense of self. i want to move on, i just don’t know how…





→ source : blanche eau de parfum in blanche via byredo

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→ source : odeur 53 by comme des garçons via lucky scent

→ source : at the beach 1966 via cb i hate perfume

“reading and sauntering and lounging and dosing, which i call thinking, is my supreme happiness.” // d. hume

and here it is. what for most becomes the last real busy-making day of 2013.

i say real, in that even though some of us might need to head in to work in the remaining days before/in-between-christmas, and the days leading up to new year’s eve, those days aren’t usually the most productive. our minds are engaged in matters more snoozy;  lounging, eating too much, falling asleep on sofas, and padding about in slippers. if there was any part of the year where laziness should be encouraged, it would be the sleepiest end of this very month.

and whether you do it style in silks and marabou, or plumbing the depths of comfort in grungy concert tee and sweat-socks – it’s all good, it’s been a long year, end it any which way you want…





→ source : marina pajama shirt via sleepy jones

→ source : men’s flannel nightshirt via lands end

→ source : lillian silk dotted pajama set via equipment

→ source : perfection = men’s oversized white t-shirt. wear a 2X and call me in the morning. via hanes

☆ // may your weekend be very, very comfortable.

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