“life is pleasant. death is peaceful. it’s the transition that’s troublesome.” // i. asimov

i hear the people talking, i hear what they’re saying. and i admit, i don’t care.

nope, not a lick.

what the whispers and moans lament is a complaint i just cannot get on board with – because apparently, it has been the summer of our discontent – it hasn’t been hot enough.

and you know, they’re right – it hasn’t been stifling or unrepentantly oppressive for days on end; no, A/C units don’t have to be running 24 hours a day just so that one can sleep soundly before heading out into the heated bog every morning, and no – i haven’t wanted to hide indoors for the last six weeks – because it’s plumb tolerable, in fact, it’s been downright acceptable summertime weather.

but you see, i know what it is that ails all these other, non-sweaty people – it’s because what you can feel coming is the change – it comes barreling in on a late afternoon breeze and makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up straight, it makes you bring a sweater for an evening out; the turn from summer to autumn has begun it’s transformation… and oh, how i adore it, because look! look at what i can wear!


➝ source : christopher kane chunky zip denim jacket via browns

➝ source : MM6 maison martin margiela hooded sweat dress via la garçonne

➝ source : silk blend print scarf via marc (by) marc jacobs

➝ source : buckle flats via french sole


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