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December 24, 2014

“a vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.” // e. wilson


oh, hi.

didn’t think you’d still be here. i was just popping in to check twitter, padding around in some slouchy socks, my flannel and very manly lands end robe, sipping on the world’s most massive cup of coffee.

i suppose while i’m here, i’ll send out the warmest wishes for a well-fed and laughter-filled holiday – i hope you get boozed up with your grandmas, and get some warm socks on christmas day.

i’ll be around, (dancing, you know it baby), here and there over the next week or so, but if i don’t get to say it, have a merry merry, and delightful new year. thanks for coming by to see me over the year. hugs.

“the best is the enemy of good.”  // voltaire

it’s always within these last weeks of the year that i inevitably start to fall down the rabbit hole of the best ofs.

the barrage of lists and listicles, (yes, 100% i looked that up to make sure the context was correct), spouting out and counting down the purely subjective top tens of music, (those artists i’ve never heard of before, proving that above all else, my taste in music will confirm my age), films i don’t often to get to see in the theatre, but will fall asleep to on the sofa, and of books that well, i can only read non-fiction as of late, so let’s just cross those off the agenda.

the fact of the matter is, i never can find myself in those lists.

sure, there’s an item or two that i can recognize as being pretty good, if not entirely best, but since i’ve been keeping a running tally of some personal, and some aspirational bests – why not make a little listy of my own?

and so, without further ado, a wee bit’s top six, wait no, seven of 2014:



31philliplim➝ source : ole henriksen grease relief cloths & paula’s choice resist daily pore treatment

➝ source : clio’s eyeguard waterproof liner via peach & lily and sheer lip color in bobbi via bobbi brown

➝ source : double sole hi-shine loafers via underground

➝ source : alexa bracelet via fay andrada

➝ source : wednesday flap shoulder bag via 3.1 phillip lim

“there is an immeasurable distance between late and too late.” // o. mandino

every year, when i’m battling traffic, the masses, sweating underneath my acrylic (why do i wear an acrylic anything?) extra-long scarf trying to find something/anything, from q-tips to a birthday card for my grandmother, who happens to be the poor little jewish octogenarian to be born on christmas day, i wonder – why does this happen – every. single. year? december 25th comes around every 365 days, and yet, the madness is ever cyclical.

i don’t get it. perhaps it’s a thing that an agnostic jew couldn’t possibly wrap her head around. you know it’s coming, WHY DO YOU WAIT until the very last few moments when the worst aspects of retail are at their apogee of terribleness? i’m starting to think you like it – the general you who enjoy the challenge of fighting the crowds, the questionable, and last remaining inventory, the aggravated sales staff who are forever muttering expletives under their breath.

it’s the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it?

so. in case you wanted to head out into your own personal episode of survivor – i offer you a handful of last minute tokens of affection you could possibly pick up.

pack a snack, you’ll need to keep your energy up.




➝ source : elsa schiaparelli – a biography by meryle secrest – pick it up at type books

➝ source : stop the water while using me hibiscus brazil nut shower cream via bibelot & token*

➝ source : 2nd edition black playing cards via misc. goods co.

➝ source : urban decay naked basics palette via sephora

*all bibelot & token orders are 15% off until december 24th! use code: HIWEEBIT

“strange, what being forced to slow down could do to a person.” // n. sparks

picture it, if you will:

my sweat be-socked feet are crossed at the ankles atop my coffee table. i’m wearing leggings that are overly-well-worn, the tell-tale signs of bleach stains and multiple washings making them look absolutely terrible, but positively divine to wear. covering my upper, (i was going to say ‘half’, but really it’s my two-thirds), is quite possibly the oldest dkny modal sleep-shirt, it’s been with me since before anyone ever called me mama. my eyes are starting to wander, my head is heavy with the hopefulness of sleep, and my body has turned to jelly. 

this is the end of year slump. this is when i start to slow down, glaze over, and want for nothing more than to drink cup after cup of coffee, watch (fall asleep to) movies, and allow myself to become one with my sofa.

let the countdown to the new year commence, i’ll be spending it attempting my best impersonation of a sloth.





➝ source : star-intarsia cashmere robe via chinti & parker for net-a-porter

➝ source : alba mizuki pyjamas via oliva von halle

➝ source : oversized sleep shirt via the sleep shirt

➝ source : nouba crooner silk-satin pyjama pants via eres

“i just felt like i was making people angry because i wouldn’t wear the frilly bows.” // t. birch

i’m going to dream of grosgrain.

i’m going to be finding glitter in the oddest of places for the next few months. i’ve run out of tape, and the cuts on my fingers from wrappingwrappingwrapping all the gifts –  will all be worth it. the bows are aplenty, the cards have been written, and the sentiment is always filled to burst. i love to give good gift and i like it even more when it’s all pretty and tied with a bow. and though i’ve liked to tie a ribbon on something as angular as a gift-box, i’ve never been sure about them on the body.

beautiful to look at to be sure, but i’m not so sure i want to wrap myself up in them. am i not a gift unto myself in need of a little embellishment?



➝ source : bow embellished satin duchesse jacket via marc jacobs

➝ source : pansy bow dress via sister jane

➝ source : shantung faille bow dress via carven

➝ source :  ankle boots via f-troupe

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