“actually, i wear nail polish to hide how grubby my nails are.” // c. corr

i’d aver, that if you had too much time on your hands, (and were very, very bored) – that if you went through my archives, you’d find that at roughly this time of year, last december or so, (Ed: update. see – april, january and october), i would’ve written something on the state of my nails. i don’t talk about them often, i mean, why would anyone talk about their nails, at any length?

however, now that the summer is long gone, and i can’t remember the last time i ate a green vegetable, and i’m forever forgetting, misplacing, or mislaying my gloves – the chill gets in under their already paper-thin composition, and like a chip of paint on a wall, i start to scratch and peel, until they bend like little scraps of paper.

combined with ragged cuticles and a weakness for the staying power of shellac – that just yields a harsh removal process – i’m not getting any rounds of applause.

treat your nails better than i do, will you?




➝ source : cuticle cream via eve lom

➝ source : power coat via jin soon

➝ source : nail 911 via julep

➝ source : sea buckthorn hand cream via weleda

from 03.12.14


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