“dig your well before you’re thirsty.” // s. godin

it’s delightful, isn’t it?

that continuing crunch of snow underneath your warmest mukluks, that initial breath of crisp, cold air hitting your lungs, that sting of wind hitting your face and making your eyes tear up.

you’d think that with so much frozen water laying about, it wouldn’t be as arid as the sahara. but, my hands are rough and red – alluding to a lifetime of hauling rig, instead of doing the washing up in elbow length gloves. my face is pinked, patchy and scaly; and my hair has a certain crunch to it, that one would rather hear while watching a movie, than when trying to stuff it into a hat.

it’s getting desperate around these parts – my skin is starting to be able to smooth down drywall, it’s texture is so like sand paper. if none of these fancy oils work, i’m heading straight downstairs to the kitchen pantry, and instead of salads and roasting veg, i’m going to start basting myself in some high quality evoo.





➝ source : certified organic rosehip oil via trilogy

➝ source : vitamin e cuticle oil pen via nails inc.

➝ source : luna sleeping night oil via sunday riley

➝ source : OI/ absolute beautifying potion via davines


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