“if you can’t do the little things right, you will never do the big things right.” // w.h. mcraven

it is a view commonly held, that life is lived in the details.

it’s in the minutiae of our every day – that beauty becomes apparent, that happiness is found; and if you’re really looking up close – you’ll find whatever it is you happen to be looking for.

for me, i’ve found that it’s precisely when i’m looking through the hit list of togs meant for much littler people than you and i, that it dawns on me – i find myself coveting the pretty in those smallest of details –  and of the clothing options my moppet really couldn’t care less about.

the crux of it all is, i’m looking at these things, these little bitty clothes meant for children, and i want them, rather badly, for myself.

so, if all these little things are being done so right, i’m asking why, why can’t they be made big?





➝ source : short-sleeve anorak via j.crew

➝ source : bobo choses vintage bikini via fawn shoppe

➝ source : franky grow sweater dress via thumbeline

➝ source : trax jumper via caroline bosmans


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