“the hues of the opal, the light of the diamond, are not to be seen if the eye is too near.” // r.w. emerson

i think i was probably in the 8th grade when opal was at its height of popularity.

this was of course, it’s second or third wave of favour – the 90s weren’t afforded anything new, just some revisionist view of whatever came before; and even then it didn’t sway me. i do recall wearing a wet ‘n wild shade that approximated that holographic hue, but it stopped there – it was like wearing a colour that couldn’t quite commit.

it isn’t quite metallic, and it isn’t quite white – lingering somewhere in this middle ground of blancmange. i think you can safely say, i wasn’t a fan.

now? i can’t say too much has changed – yet, i can admit to sometimes finding it seductive… in small doses.





➝ source : newton metalirise crossbody via liné jagot

➝ source : première niege via ysl beauty

➝ source : sloped arc opal ring via wwake

➝ source : blazer mids via nike


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