“i think vestigially there’s a synesthete in me, but not like a real one who immediately knows what colour wednesday is.” // a.s. byatt

if i were to be completely honest, because let’s face it, i am prone to fib, i haven’t got the slightest interest in clothes at this precise moment.

unless those clothes look mostly like my old man’s flannel robe, and a well-worn scrunchy for my hair; add my specs and nary a lick of make-up but a swipe of lip balm, and it might very well be the perfect hump-day style. alas, i’m not a lady of leisure and my version of spending the day in marabou slippers is not set in any sort of reality.

yet, if i would and if i could – i’d spend the day looking like hell, but making myself very comfortable, reading about an all together more stylish and well-put together world –  no matter fact or fiction, or coffee table book – they’ll all end the same way.

with me falling asleep, fashionably, on my couch cushions.










➝ source : how to be parisian wherever you are

➝ source : journey of a dress via dvf

➝ source : style stalking via refinery29

➝ source : ‘i just arrived in paris’ by juergen teller & nicolas ghesquière via steidl books


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