“it isn’t the original scandal that gets people in the most trouble – it’s the attempted cover-up.” // t. petri

if it was a reasonably sane thing to do, i’d sooner put a paper bag over my head with little slits cut out for eyes and a lop-sided smile hastily magic marker-ed on, then have to get up close and personal with anyone at the moment. not for a hug, not a smooch, not for cackling over cups of coffee; not for anything. for a person that could rely on at least her skin passing muster, it’s been nothing short of my hugest (vain) aggravation.

never one to ignore a thorn in my side, i have of course, made everything infinitely worse and as obvious as a siren by not being able to keep my hands to myself, (begging the question, that if i can’t do it, how do i expect my five-year old to?)

i know better than to pick, pop, and squeeze, (could i be any more disgusting?), i just can’t help myself. and so, not only am i spotty – i’m red, flaky, annoyed, short-tempered, mildly embarrassed, achey and sleepy – i’m the veritable seven dwarves of grievances. of course – some of these may not have anything to do with my skin issues, but i’m pointing the blame on them anyway.

so every morning, as i lament the state of my skin, i get out the supplies in an effort to spackle, smooth, and paint out the imperfections. it’s why i get up so early.






➝ source : matte + blemish pencil via nudestix

➝ source : select cover-up via mac

➝ source : corrective concealer via face stockholm

➝ source : concealer stick via clé de peau beauté


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