“nobody got anywhere in the world by simply being content.” // l. l’amour

it’s silly really, the things that make me happy.

the word is belabored not because i’m being tongue in cheek about it, but because the meaning of it has become so loaded, it’s nigh a mille-feuille of a concept. that no one person can share its definition, i think is a pretty good place to leave it, and we should stop fussing about how one brings meaning to it, or the pursuit of it.

there is contentment hiding in all sorts of nooks and crannies, just as long as you’re open to seeing it. sure, the sky being blue is one, the stars are the next, my moppet’s sleepy face in the morning when she snuggles in close is another (IMMEASURABLE) one.

but then, there are those teeniest of things that can bring me just a bit of glee. a good pen, a brightly coloured string about my wrist, a day that’s got more laughing in it than need for advil; a really good meal – add cheese to it, and well – i could die a happy girl. as long you’re looking for it, a little bit of happy is bound to turn up and it doesn’t matter what the source is.

and i bet you thought i was a pessimist.

vanitiesScreen Shot 2015-03-12 at 2.17.13 PM





➝ source : vanities chevron glass bead bracelet via moda operandi

➝ source : be brave banner via secret holiday co.

➝ source : i wasn’t kidding about a good pen – kaweco skyline in mint via jet pens

➝ source :  tough guys & tougher girls pin set via the internet gift shop


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