“everyone in the world should have a trench coat, and there should be a trench coat for everyone in the world.” // a. ahrendts

as the former ceo of burberry, that would be the thing to say, yet i can’t deny that she’s got a point.

you could be dressed in anything at all, from high to low street, you could run out with your jams on to walk the dog any early morning sunday, but if you’ve got a trench on – you’ve turned yourself from grubby to wonderfully european with not much else but a lapel and a belt around your waist.

but don’t be fooled, i’m not talking about a beige mac with a footie-wife plaid-lining, there’s a trench for every taste. there’s the dainty feminine, there are those that skew androgynous, those that travel for the avant-garde, and of course – the classic.

mine is a mix of modish 60s mac, but in gothic black. what’s yours?





➝ source : black bubble mesh classic trench via rad by rad hourani

➝ source : vintage chanel trench via far fetch

➝ source : tarot trench coat via minimarket

➝ source : double breasted trench coat via carven


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