“she tells enough white lies to ice a wedding cake.” // m. asquith

i’ve often wondered, if one chooses a certain path, or let’s be honest, a certain look, is it because we are dressing for who we believe ourselves to be, who we want to be, or are we the reflection of how others perceive us?

i know it’s like asking the chicken when the scrambled eggs were served, but i’ve always wanted to believe, and do, actually – believe that the way we dress is just an outward expression of who we are, just ornamental and decidedly on the sleeve.

it would be a terrible thought if clothes were just things we put on so that we wouldn’t be naked and so our bits won’t fall off in the cold. i’d like to think that no matter your disposition or body type, that the choices you make in how your decorate yourself are the same ones you would make if you looked like someone entirely different, but your thoughts and personality remained the same. i mean, i don’t think if i looked a different way, or if my bum wasn’t as ample as it (reallyreally) is, that suddenly my tastes would change. i don’t think i’d become all body-con and sexed up – but stay resolutely gloomy in my blue and blacks and clunky shoes.

i’d hate to think that we covering ourselves up in fibs.








➝ source : wide shirt via oak

➝ source : mini dress via raquel allegra

➝ source : dots & logo dress via kenzo

➝ source : creeper grey patent python stamp via purified


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