“things do not happen. things are made to happen.” // j.f. kennedy

something is afoot.

in the last two weeks, each of my wrists has seen a decline in weight and in inventory of real estate taken up on my wrists.

inflation is down, interest rates have lowered, and it seems now is the time to buy. chains have broken, cuffs have slipped off, and thin bands of metal have warped beyond recognition. i think that not only is the weather changing, the habitual wear of the same pieces day in and day out, has caused me to rethink the stack on my arms. and if you think that makes me sad, well, you’d be wrong.

by the time this happens, (and this always happens), i’m ready for a change. it may take a few months, or a few years – but i take it as a sign, that changes are astir, and life is about to become different in some very small, or sometimes, very large ways.

let’s slip on some new trinkets and see where this all takes us, shall we?



➝ source : skinny wheat bangle via anna sheffield

➝ source : peach marble hinge cuff via lizzie fortunato

➝ source : tangled bracelet via iosselliani

➝ source : half circlet duo via sabrina dehoff


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