“once you can accept the universe as being something expanding into an infinite nothing which is something, wearing stripes with plaid is easy.” // a. einstein

being born and raised in the great white north, and having had my eyebrows raised by sctv at an impressionable age, it occurred to me rather early on, that as canadians, we’re an odd lot. and if there was anything that i tried to be, it was as far and away from the likes of a hoser from the great white northto be very clear, i never pronounced it aboot, and i never wore plaid.

the way i saw it, plaid was the pattern of the lumberjack, the suburban hippy, and even worse – in the age of singles, it was the textile of grunge – and my mod leanings would never allow for that.

of course, i’ve broadened my horizons just a bit since the early 90s – thankfully, and though plaid is not a perennial favourite, i have been able to see the charm of it, from time to time. it’s just a bit further removed from lumberjackets and bob and doug mckenzie.





➝ source : neon plaid dress via kenzo

➝ source : sacai plaid shirt via far fetch

➝ source : layered shirt dress via mcq by mcqueen

➝ source : bleached pleated dress via sea


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