“i am passionate about keeping the human dimension… you have to keep the rough edges and the inconsistencies, that’s what makes it interesting. i’ve always striven to be as sloppy as possible.” // j. cocker

tbh – i don’t think i’ll ever need for clothes again.

considering how absolutely rotten i’ve been feeling for the last three days, i’m guessing from now on in, i’ll only need for the ugliest of grubbies and a costco-crate helping of tissues. and here i was, feeling so haughty that i made it through this frigid and snot-aplenty winter with nary a cough; note – hubris will forever be our downfalls.

i haven’t left the house since friday afternoon – and it’s given me some time to take stock in my supposed (and infinitely sloppy) leisurewear – and it, i have to say – is not looking good. every single thing i’m wearing at the moment has a hole in it somewhere, bleach stains at splash height, and let’s just be clear, i know i need a pedicure because i can see my toes through my threadbare socks. you’d think someone as materialistic as me would invest in at least the minimum to get through the house without embarrassment.







➝ source : striped pajama set via equipment

➝ source : eres futile anonyme cashmere sweater via net-a-porter

➝ source : cropped gusset pant via oak

➝ source : braelyn robe via steven alan


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