“funny how you dig yourself into a hole by the teaspoon.” // l. shriver

don’t listen to the headlines claiming the latest way to shrink your pores, (or your waistlines for that matter), it’s unlikely to happen; it’s a pipe dream that’s set to burst.

i don’t mean to squelch those dreams of porcelain complexions, trust me, i’ve been attempting the impossible since that first, darling little blemish arrived sometime in my 13th year. if you’ve got oily skin, you’re bound to be blessed with fewer crinkles and lines, but your pores are likely to be craters – let’s see the wood for the trees, shall we?

though you can’t sew them up tight, you can make like the amazing kreskin and magically make them appear smaller – and that’s a pretty easy trick. it’ll take some time, and a little bit of elbow grease – but heaven knows, all the time you’ve spent contemplating your face, you’ve got to have some persistence and a lack of beauty sleep to spare. now go – but don’t stare for too long, at some point it becomes so cavernous, so large and so black, eventually it’s like staring into the abyss.






➝ source : oil control moisturizer fresh via belif

➝ source : mizon apple smoothie peeling gel via peach & lily

➝ source : kukui & jojoba bead brightening exfoliator via pia

➝ source : skin perfecting 2% BHA gel via paula’s choice


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