“love knows not distance; it hath no continent; its eyes are for the stars.” // g. parker

isn’t it always the way?

you compliment someone on something gorgeous – their shoes/glasses/perfectly-defined-cat-flick and what do you know? not one of these items is from anywhere close to where you are. it’s either ‘oh these? i got them in a little shop in japan!’, ‘oh, these? these are great, right?! i got them on the side of the road in timbuktu!’.

and then there is that briefest moment when you think to yourself that they must be fibbing to protect themselves from flattery in the form of imitation – that we really are just overgrown children, unable to share, screaming ‘MINE, MINE, MINE’ at the top of our lungs, clutching our toys close.

but it’s true – there are still a handful of things that an intense want and a click of a button cannot oblige. it won’t travel from point a to point b, (point b, of course, being your grubby little hands), and in a way, perhaps that’s a good thing. that wanting and having isn’t always as easy as a box showing up on your doorstep.

of course, that doesn’t mean i won’t still pine for the things that i can’t have…





➝ source : a dead coffin club sunglasses via valley eyewear

➝ source : osie top via monki

➝ source : triangle & block necklace via cos

➝ source : ankle strap wedges via and other stories


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