“painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” // p. picasso

i’ve never claimed to possess a talent for composition, but as you’re here, and able to see – you’ll notice that that hasn’t stopped me yet.

in fact, ever since i could, i wrote things down. the joke passed around; as i forever toted around a pencil and scads of paper, was that i would either be a great writer or a spectacular receptionist. i’d hazard i’ve been passable at best at both at one time or another.

yet, what i know for a fact i could never do – was paint. ask me to draw and i’m suddenly mute. my mind can access it, but my hands won’t get it together to make it work. ask to see my daughter’s lunch notes, and you’ll understand very quickly why it’s better that i do this exercise every day, instead of trying my hand at a sketch. it’s a talent i’m keenly in awe of – and admire, sometimes not from a very far distance at all…





➝ source : shift dress via isola marras

➝ source : raquel allegra military jacket via far fetch

➝ source : print skirt via alberta ferretti

➝ source : area di barbara bologna via ODD


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