“a shirt is a dress, if you have short enough legs.” // j. kintz

there was a time in my life when studying the contents of my wardrobe seemed like a heady, essential business of living.

it was important, exhilarating stuff, standing there in my gitch – head tilted to the side, quizzically asking – who did i feel like being today? what was my mood calling for? was it girl in black with a cheeky sense of humor? or girl in black who keeps her head down and her ears to the ground, (which called for even more black on black)?

i was younger then, so i had both the time and the energy to invest in such pursuits – but now, my time is better served getting in at least thirteen more minutes of sleep, or, alternately hugging/yelling at the kid to hurry up and eat her breakfast ALREADY…

and though i’m still dedicated to my certain look, i’m also fairly devoted to saving a bit of time, and if that means investing in a little bit of ease, then so be it. a shirt dress never looked so good, or was so quick to snap on.







➝ source : lash SI tech poplin dress in black via acne

➝ source : preen line assia dress via lucky shops

➝ source : visvim lancaster dress via far fetch

➝ source : clovis dress via rachel comey


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