“i like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.” // n. coward

with the weather turning, my view has become replete with spandex.

the road runners and the cyclists are in a speedy battle over who can be the most obnoxious, overtaking the past winners – those of us behind the wheel.

no, i’m not bitter, i just think if we’re all meant to share the streets – we should all see to it that we obey the rules of the road. i’ve not come here to air my grievances about traffic. i’ll just curse a blue streak behind the wheel later today.

though it may sound like i’m begrudging those who appreciate a good resting heart rate, i’m really not. there is a hint of envy there – having not being able to find at least one physical activity that i feel bears repeating on a daily basis does make me feel a bit uneasy – and ultimately, supremely lazy.

yet slowly, i’m realizing this effort isn’t measured in speed – but in the actual doing. so, i’ll keep to the sidewalks, peek into shop windows and take my time; and if you see me, make sure to look at my trainers, they at least, will be snappy.








➝ source : free 5.0 mesh sneakers via nike

➝ source : saint laurent court classic trainers via far fetch

➝ source : rose gold circuit hi-top trainers via maison margiela

➝ source : woven 574’s via new balance


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