“be willing to be uncomfortable. be comfortable being uncomfortable.” // p. mcwilliams

though spring has been slow to grow, i’m not naive enough to think that summer will not eventually rear it’s frizzy head and make me wholly uncomfortable.

i’m getting my hair cut tomorrow, so that i won’t have to touch it for the next three months, (curly hair + humidity = 76% reduction in length), and i’m doing some real, in-depth research into what i may be wearing in the next few weeks to combat the sheer displeasure i’ll be experiencing, and to possibly mask the fine layer of sweat that i’m going to be covered in.

i suppose i don’t help my own cause, as i’m forever prone to donning black, and keep my eerily pale legs covered; but if we’re meant to be true to ourselves, i suppose that means we should get rather accustomed to feeling a certain level of discomfort, a certain amount of time…







➝ source : flits dress via humanoid

➝ source : back by ann sofie back l/s zip dress via oak

➝ source : ripple print leggings via henrik vibskov

➝ source : gauze poet dress via raquel allegra


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