“so much the better. the higher the price you have to pay, the more you will cherish it.” // l.c. douglas

there are those certain items that when plonking down a charge card, a woozy stomach and a lump in your throat is duly anticipated. it is in what we call investment purchases that we feel a sedative and a swig of wine would be a good preventative measure against the nerves of buying something b…i…g.

with a car, a condo, a college education – these are big ticket items with payments that loom large. so, it doesn’t quite seem logical then, when splashing out on a tube of lippy makes your heart murmur; or the prospect of picking up a new lotion makes your stomach flutter. though you might hem and haw about these purchases; i believe the pickle lies in that we can see the end before we’ve even begun.

we’ll open it and use it – a daily swipe of lipstick, then repeated throughout the day – a routine shower and a slathering of moisturizer and a full bottle soon becomes one standing on its head, willing every last ounce out, just so you feel you’re getting your money’s worth. in this case, it’s not so much the cost-per-wear, because how can you place a cost on how something makes you feel? and so, there’s the rub – is it the product’s worth or yours?

you go on and buy that $50 lipstick if you want, (only after you’ve paid the mortgage, please), because you’re amazing, and absolutely worth it…





➝ source : blush nude lip color via tom ford

➝ source : intensifying cream eyeliner via clé de peau

➝ source : by terry terribly densiliss blush (terry-bly terryble name) via b-glowing

➝ source : olio lusso face oil via rodin


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