“mystification is simple; clarity is the hardest thing of all.” // j. barnes

a curious thing happens when life starts to shift a little to the left and that comfort zone you’ve been nestled into, starts in on making you sore.

you may not notice it happening, these small, incremental changes, reminding you that life isn’t always as it seems, and just as you’re settled right in to a cozy spot, your underwear starts to ride up, your hair is pulled too tight, and you slept so weird last night – you’ve got this kink in your neck; and there it is. the simple run of a comfortable rhythm has been disturbed, and that brief moment when you saw your way clear, has just become overrun with fog. or in my case, a shower of spots.

it’s a sign easily spotted, that when things have become murky on the inside, it will eventually turn you inside out – for everyone else to see. and though the inside bits are harder to sort out when it’s charged by the hour, at least you can get a little nudge toward clarity with a bit of fiscal/cosmetic assistance.








➝ source : vitamin c serum via skin inc.

➝ source : spotless spot treatment gel via soveral

➝ source : refining facial polisher via omorivicza

➝ source : clearing mask via indie lee



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