“know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.” // s. tzu

i plan for summer like most plan for a natural disaster.

i’m not digging myself a bunker, stockpiling tinned tuna, or building a panic room; but i am with great discipline and razor-like precision, preparing for another season of swamp and murk.

i got my hair cut, so i don’t have to mess with the natural order of curly hair and humidity, as well as the impending fog of hair. i find shoes that won’t pinch and blister when the heat ends up in my feet, and i stock up on any and all (most) frocks that float as light as air, and are (almost) as sheer as tissue paper.

have i made it abundantly clear that heat and i, well, we’re definitely not BFFs – but i can be civil, when i’ve set my plan of attack, and am prepared for the worst.





➝ source : mes demoiselles river striped gauze dress via matches

➝ source : étoile isabel marant ted embellished top via net-a-porter

➝ source : printed gauze-cotton mini dress via vineet bahl

➝ source : uzi twist gauze tank dress via otte


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