“when you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” // m. aurelius

my mum used to say that i would wake up with the birds.

at sunrise, i’d spring out of bed and sing, (read: never stop talking), until it was time to trail ten strides behind my brother, (to not sully his cool quotient), and make our way to school.

i didn’t mind getting up – i was, as they say, a keener. excited to get the day started, to find out what i’d learn, to see what grade i got, to make sure i then got home in time, to pick up the phone when the automated call came in informing our parent and/or guardian, (me), that my brother had skipped a class, (or all of them); then lord it over him until he punched me in the leg and called it a day. then i’d go to bed, and eight hours later, it would start all over again.

now, in my deep 30s, i can no longer say that i greet the dawn with such zeal. i’m slow to wake, slower to rise, achey in places i didn’t know i had when i was younger, and sad that the day has started yet once again, so soon, so suddenly — so without any excitement.

don’t get me wrong, the smiles happen eventually, i’m not in as deep a mid-life rut as that, but now, more than ever before, i’m finding i need a few more things to get me going – other than just the prospect of a new day and a smile on my face.








➝ source :  pure castille tea tree soap via dr. bronners

➝ source : reviving eye cream via omorovicza

➝ source : anti-aging primer potion via urban decay

➝ source : eye bright pencil via benefit cosmetics

➝ and a shout-out to coffee, via juan valdez. i couldn’t have done any of this without you.






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