“follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” // a. ginsberg

i remember wearing that pantsuit, paired with ankle-length, pointy-toed zip-up boots.

my hair must have been ironed straight as well, because i cannot recall a time before or after when i felt as uncomfortable in my own skin as i did that evening. at least i hope it was the evening, because if the cold light of day spied me in that outfit, i think i probably would’ve turned to ash.

keep in mind that i’ve been carrying around this shame for roughly twelve years; can you fathom the residual humiliation i’ve been lugging around since i was four and was caught playing doctor with the neighbour boy and my mother walked in whilst in-pseudo-flagrante-delicto? the interest on that would be enormous – but, i digress.

this is why if like me, you believe in the transformative power of clothes – and that wearing something that feels disingenuous to yourself can feel something like a huge, earth-shattering lie.

look, i’m not saying that clothes can change the world, but if it can change the world you’ve made for yourself, why not wear those things that make you feel more like you, and less like anyone else?






➝ source : layered flared dress via sacai

➝ source : ann demeulemeester textured printed bag via farfetch

➝ source : studded ‘favor’ wedge sandals via robert clergerie

➝ source : peplum stripe dress via the whitepepper


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