“we’re all pretty bizarre. some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all.” // j. hughes

you’re all probably much too young to remember the cinematic, yet aging masterpiece that is ‘the breakfast club‘ — but for me, it left an indelible mark ever since i watched it, at the much too young age of nine.

rented! from a video store! on a vhs tape! to be played back on a vcr! it was by my request that my parents sullied the minds and ears of a group of nine year olds with a veritable shit-ton of swears and themes that were most definitely a bit too mature.

as jaded as any nine-year old could be, it didn’t shock or awe, but it stirred something in me that i don’t think i’ve had the want to shake in, oh-sigh-time-is-a-relentless-bitch, 30 years – and that’s that i think claire should’ve left allison’s mall makeover at home.

it’s bothered me for years that a certain look, that dirty-haired, kohl-rimmed eye, slightly wan complexion had to be ‘prettied up’ with pinks, frills, and a headband seemingly made out of the elastic waist of a pair of department store lady’s underwear. the makeover makeover makeover makeover, [click it, come on, do it!], has always left me underwhelmed.

i just don’t think people need them – we’re pretty good how we are, or however we allow ourselves to leave the house each day – sure, sometimes we need to be refreshed, renewed, or updated evenbut i think unless someone tells you they want to change who they are, i’d aver – leave well enough alone. it’s not an issue of being resistant to change, but settling in, quite comfortably thank you very much, into who you are.

okay, that’s it – this oprah-lite-self-acceptance week has got to end.






Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 9.17.10 AM



➝ source : acne retexture pad via cane + austin

➝ source : clio eyeguard waterproof eyeliner via peach & lily

➝ source : sheer lip color in bobbi via bobbi brown cosmetics

➝ source : blush in gaiety via nars


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