“superstition is foolish, childish, primitive and irrational – but how much does it cost you to knock on wood?” // j. viorst

if i had to collect my eccentricities like drops of water in a bucket, i’d realize that the load would be rather heavy, and that in the reflection, i’d probably recognize my mother’s face looking back at me. it’s a funny thought, as other than the hue of my eyes, i’ve pretty much amassed a 5’2″ collection of genes and traits from my paternal side.

growing up, these seemingly senseless superstitions were fodder for the biggest eye rolls and sighs of resignation you’ve ever seen. if i had forgotten anything after leaving the house, coming back to retrieve it was not permitted; and handing something over the threshold of the door was an enormous nyet – as you could be inviting evil back into the house with you.

and then there were the safety pins – affixed to the inside seams of almost everything i owned as a child, and of course, my wedding dress – so that evil would be turned around, escorted by the shoulder and shown the way out, because i was forever being watched over by the pins that warded off the evil eye.

to this day, i don’t let anyone whistle in the house, i’d never give anyone a knife as a gift, and don’t think for a minute, that i didn’t affix pins to my daughter’s onesies when she was born… just in case.







➝ source : rosa de la cruz rose gold & diamond safety pin earring via browns

➝ source : safety pin top via red valentino

➝ source : comme des garçons paneled safety pin detail skirt via farfetch

➝ source : punk pandora via charlotte olympia x tom binns




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