May 21, 2015

“you want to remember that while you’re judging the book, the book is also judging you.” // s. king

i can’t remember when i wasn’t being told to not judge a book by its cover – i still have to remind myself of it now – and of course, i hear the words slipping out my mouth, repeating that idiom to my daughter, ad nauseum x infinity. it’s a lot.

it’s understandable to want to thwart the too-fast judgement based on how something looks. just because something, or someone is appealing in some seeable sort of way, doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be good for you, or meant for you. let me take you down certain-good-looking-boyfriends lane, and you’ll find that their covers were the only thing that was going for them; and that sometimes underneath that candy-coating, what’s inside does not taste good.

yet, how else does one first get an inkling that attraction might not linger too far behind the surface? for me, it’s been a matter of trial and error. sure, i enjoyed looking – but after a minute or two, the looking turned into a mild regret – the type that makes you realize, not all beauty is meant to be, or meant for you.




marcjacobs➝ source : the bottle delights me, the scent would kill me. outrageously vibrant perfume via diana vreeland fragrance 

➝ source : i adore this frock, but it would remain white for half a minute. it would be ruined with one pet of my over-zealous dog. sailor cotton oxford dress via j.w. anderson

➝ source : color block makes me gaga, but i have vowed many a time to never wear a heel again. if i stick to anything, it’ll be that one thing. #pain thom browne asymmetric colour-block pumps via ssense

➝ source : this is fabulous, it wouldn’t fit my wallet. alas. optical stripe sally bag via marc jacobs


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