“i told the doctor i broke my leg in two places. he told me to quit going to those places.” // h. youngman

in continuing the trend of confessing personal truths and allowing access to my most oddball idiosyncrasies, i’ll let you in on another tidbit – my pegs have not seen the light of day since roughly 2004.

it’s not a never-nude sitch – but barring the occasional trip to the pool, i’m prone to hiding my gams away.

it started with a rather stubborn attachment to a certain look – (rude girls rarely showed a bare leg); short skirts were (and still are), worn to be sure, but this was the age of wearing two pairs of tights so that they’d be as opaque as night. yes – this allegiance was particularly trying during toronto augusts, but i was determined, also young & incredibly stupid.

seeing as i am now, less young and hopefully less stupid, i’m still prone to pairing everything with a legging, (never as pants!), but i’m starting to think it would be wise to allow these limbs a little vitamin d and let the sunshine in. i still won’t allow my dimpled knees out to shine, but a longer hemline will surely help with that. watch out world, my ankles are coming out!





➝ source : vilshenko patterned blouse dress via farfetch

➝ source : asymmetric draped dress via maison rabih kayrouz

➝ source : abstract print flap dress via daniela gregis

➝ source : caron dress via acne studios


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