June 25, 2015

“one of the best things about folklore and fairy tales is that the best fantasy is what you find right around the corner,…” // t. winding

when i was much younger, i used to dance.

being the daughter of a woman who, prior to adding émigré to her CV, was briefly a member of the bolshoi, you can imagine that for me, ballet was a foregone conclusion – and never a question of maybe.

the shame of it was, that although i could (and do!) appreciate the discipline and the artistry – i had, shall we say, the grace of a plodding calf. the ballet, to my mother’s chagrin, was not a genetic trait passed down easily.

yet, it was her friday night classes, the ones held at an elementary school in little italy that proved to hold my attention, and of which i possessed a bit more flair.

character – a sort of subdivision of ballet; where being a little less than elegant was expected, where the rules were looser, and you were freer to be a little bit more baby cow, and not-so-much baby anna pavlova. i loved the folklore, the nuance, the stomping of my heels, and the mugs we would pull.

and more than the mazurka, i loved the costumes. the headpieces, the mythos of the dresses – the stories that they conjured, by the power held in those tiny-heeled black dance shoes and the ribbons that mingled with my hair and fell down my back. those clothes told a story, and i just helped them dance along.






Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.41.11 PM


➝ source : vilshenko silk crepe de chine embroidered blouse via net-a-porter

➝ source : folklore devoré lace maxi dress via sea

➝ source : star & moon embroidered dress via valentino

➝ source : shirt-dress via an aged s/s 2014 alberta ferretti collection


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