“i don’t wanna be the same as everybody else. that’s why i’m a mod, see? i mean, you gotta be somebody, ain’t ya, or you might as well jump in the sea and drown.” // ‘jimmy’ – quadrophenia

i can’t tell you when the seed was planted – but what i can say, is that when the notion was sown, its roots grew deep.

there are many things from when i was younger than i just can’t seem to shake – soft serve out of trucks, the sound of music x ad nauseum, (though the idea of sitting through a different musical is a slow, methodical torture i cannot fathom), listening to abba in the car, (windows rolled waaaay up), and one that i’m never embarrassed to admit – is that mod look will forever be my ideal.

it started with my brother, with fred perry shirts and his handsome friends, which lead me to the music, which lead me to quadrophenia, which lead to me, riding on the backs of vespas, which drove me right up to the style. a style which, i will always believe is the one retro-look that continues to age gracefully. and so, whenever a collection speaks to me as loudly as the resort 2016 red valentino did, i listen. and i weep, softly – because i want it all.









[all photos via style dot com]

➝ all looks via red valentino


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