“i can’t even remember when the seventies was.” // r. keane

though not old enough to have really lived through the debauch of the 70s; (i was just a young slip of a thing during the last few years of that tenner), i couldn’t quite manage escaping unscathed by that decade’s ochre-hued hands – worse than that, i also couldn’t manage getting out of wearing my brother’s old clothes.

what exactly was happening during that time that made corduroy so appealing? why did the advent of polyester bring with it such an array of frowzy patterns? and why, exactly, was brown deemed so very de rigueur?

i’d like to think it was a latent come-down, an obscene hangover — an after-effect of the swinging 60s. it’s the only explanation i can come up with – and yet, there’s not one reason i can come up with that justifies why these looks have come back… was there yet another revolution i wasn’t around for; and more importantly, why do i find myself attracted to both that brown leather skirt and absolutely enormous cape?







➝ source : feathered hat via saint laurent

➝ source : double-breasted cape coat via balmain

➝ source : n°21 striped sweater via farfetch

➝ source : leather a-line skirt via sea


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