July 7, 2015

“i’m sorry, if you were right, i’d agree with you.” // r. williams

being somewhat rational, and a tad bit educated – i can accept that i won’t understand a fair bit in what life exposes.

i’ll never get the appeal of katy perry, (barring roar, because that’s not a song, it’s an anthem), i can’t wrap my head around the concept of combining oranges with chocolate; and i will never understand the deal with channing tatum. yes, empirically, the data scans – but as a workable concept? i don’t agree; not so much and no thank you.

there are tons of notions that fall under the category of my very own personal ‘huhs?‘, and i know for certain that there are those who will attempt to make their opposing sides clear, to analyze my views and deem them plumb wrong – and i say… that’s fine. i still can’t get on board – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a ticket to ride.






Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 6.08.34 PM



➝ source : fringe waistcoat via saint laurent – this is, IMHO – terrible, and made even more so by costing over $5K.

➝ source : wide leg legion jeans via rachel comey – long-legged man repellers we are not…

➝ source : foghorn leghorn by moschino via browns – how is this allowed to happen?

➝ source : dolce & gabbana loafers via shoescribe – i have words – they are not complimentary.


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