“a classic is a book that doesn’t have to be written again.” // w.e.b. du bois

do you, when the word classic gets bandied about find yourself becoming a bit drowsy?

is it just me that thinks when the word, applied both as an adjective and as a noun – whatever the item in question may be, will probably evoke a response that invariably seems rather humdrum?

much like books classified as classics, i feel like i’m wired to be bored before i even began.* and yet – i feel a twinge of curiosity.

perhaps it’s my age, this middle of time that leads me to believe, in small doses, that i too, will one day be deemed a classic. or is it this weird kink that likes to think that i’m a bit left of centre, and should i happen to carry a classic – that little piece of something quintessential will become a little bit weird in context?





➝ source : SC bag bb via louis vuitton

➝ source : tod’s tag detail shopping tote via farfetch

➝ source : monogramme textured leather camera bag via saint laurent

➝ source : flap bag via chanel

*thanks morrissey.


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